Twitter For Android Gets A Brand New Share Menu

Twitter has announced that its new mobile share menu is now rolling out to Android. Do note that this share menu is not exactly brand new in the general aspect. It has been available on iOS for about two months now.

Twitter brings a new share menu to Android, following its release on iOS

Back on August 7, Twitter announced that this share menu is rolling out to iOS. Well, now, that very same change is coming to Android. That being said, the change is still not visible on my end, but it may be to you. This feature is still in testing, so not everyone will get it straight away.

Do note that it took Twitter about a month and a half to fully release this feature on iOS. So it was in small-scale testing for that period of time. Let’s hope that the same won’t happen on Android. Twitter will, hopefully, be able to provide this feature sooner than that.

If you take a look at the provided image above (from Twitter for iOS), you’ll see the looks of this share menu. So, whenever you tap the share icon on Twitter, the one below each tweet, this is what you’ll see.

This change is supposed to make it easier to share tweets

This new share menu allows you to not only share tweets with other Twitter users, but also reach users via other apps. The moment you tap that share icon, you’ll be able to see a list of apps inside the share menu.

Before, you were able to access a full list of apps you can share that tweet with, but you had to make an extra step to do it. It required you to hit the ‘Share Tweet via…” option after tapping the share icon.

This change is supposed to make it easier for you to share content via other applications. It’s hard to deny that it will, as all the other apps are now more accessible than they were before.


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