Twitter Blue Gains Customizable Navigation Bar On Android

The ability to customize the navigation bar is coming to Twitter for Android as part of Twitter Blue. This feature has been available on the iOS app since Twitter Blue arrived in the US in November last year.

You are probably already familiar with Twitter Blue. It is a $3 per month subscription service that unlocks exclusive features on the app. These features aren’t available to non-paying users. Among them is the customizable navigation bar.

The free Twitter app on Android has five buttons on the navigation bar — Home, Search, Spaces, Notifications, and Messages. But Twitter Blue subscribers can add up to six. More importantly, they can choose what appears where. The Home button cannot be removed, but apart from that, you can select up to five from Messages, Spaces, Top Articles, Notifications, Profile, Bookmarks, Search, and more. You must select at least one of these.

This ability gives Blue users more control over their Twitter experience. For example, if Spaces are not someone’s cup of tea, there’s no use for a shortcut to the feature in the middle of the navigation bar. Instead, they may want to have a button that quickly takes them to Top Articles. Twitter Blue lets you re-arrange the button placement or make changes anytime. And should you want to restore to the default navigation bar, the option is always there.

As said earlier, this feature has been limited to the Twitter app for iOS since its launch. It’s finally coming to Android as well. “Android, this one is for you — Custom Navigation is now available,” the official Twitter Blue handle tweeted recently.

Twitter Blue has several other perks

Twitter Blue was initially launched in Canada and Australia in June last year. The feature rolled out in the US and New Zealand in November. Along with a customizable navigation bar, Twitter Blue users also get a host of other exclusive features.

For starters, you get access to ad-free access to news articles from select websites. A Bookmarks folder lets you save tweets for quick discovery at a later time. You also get custom app icons and themes for the in-app UI. Undo Tweet is another handy feature available to Twitter Blue users. It’s not an edit button, but the feature gives you a window of up to 60 seconds to retract a tweet after you send it, but before the tweet is posted publicly. This is an optional feature.


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