Transportation Services: What you need to know for spring semester parking – Virginia Tech Daily

All bicycles regularly parked on campus must be registered with Transportation Services. Failure to register a bicycle can result in fines or impoundment of the bicycle.

Registration is free and can be accessed through the Parking Services portal (video and instructions below). After registering, bicyclists will receive their decal in the mail. Once the decal is received, place it on the bicycle frame, facing upward, near the handlebars. The decals expire, so you’ll need to re-register your bicycle once the expiration date passes. 

Benefits of registering your bicycle:

Bicycle identification

If your bike is stolen, its serial number is needed to aid police in its recovery. When a bike is registered with Virginia Tech, the serial number can be cross-referenced with the bike owner’s name, and acts as an independent proof of ownership. Recovered bicycles that are not registered have less chance of being returned to their rightful owners.

Theft deterrence

Thieves may be less likely to steal a bike with a registration sticker since its owner can easily be identified. Stolen registered bicycles are posted on both statewide and nationwide crime computers.

Communicating with bicycle owners

Bicycle registration serves as the only form of communication should we need to inform you that your bicycle needs to be moved from a rack that will be relocated. 

Don’t forget to bring a sturdy bike lock back to campus.


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