Passengers following Avanti West Coast on Twitter have responded enthusiastically to a social media appeal for “Things you can say on trains and in the (home) office”  – but not in the way the train operator had hoped.

Avanti West Coast runs trains from London Euston to the West Midlands, northwest England, North Wales and southern Scotland. 

David Whitmore entered into the spirit of the question, with the shrewd suggestion: “What platform are you on?”

But most contributors were keen to point out perceived flaws.

Ian, tweeting as @ijquays wrote: “Why is it so ridiculously expensive to sit in this seat for two hours?

“Oh no, on second thoughts that’s just on the train.”

He also tweeted: “Why are you late again?”

Like many other train operators, Avanti offers free WiFi – but travelling at 125mph through difficult terrain means on-board connectivity is not always reliable.

“Why’s the WiFi not working again,” tweeted “Every Last Station” – while Stewart Duncan imagined a conversation: “Can you hear me?”

“Sorry, I think it’s the WiFi.”

“No I don’t get good signal here, I’m on a train/in the dining room.”

Other comments included “There’s no catering at your seat today,” “You can’t sit there I’m afraid” and “I need a drink”.

A significant number of contribution involved the toilets. 

Nick Withey suggested: “Why is the toilet not available?”

Liam Johnston provide a possible explanation, with “Can’t we just put the grandkids in the loo for a couple of hours?”

Ritchie Johnson offered a phrase not normally heard in the office: “Who’s p***ed all over the floor again?”

Finally, Oli tweeting as “@mainbranchlines” came up with: “Is this Preston?

“Providing, the office or your house is actually in Preston, of course.”



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