The presenters of new Top Gear rival Three Men: Four Wheels reveal hundreds of road users may have future classics already on their driveway. From electric car innovations to era-defining hatchbacks, the team predicts which of today’s modern road cars will be looked back on most favourably.

The stunning model is a fashion statement with a range of technology installed to push the brand well into the 21st century.

The iconic Starlight headliner creates a magical starlit sky on the roof of the car’s interior while principal Rolls Royce features remain in place.

Three Men: Four Wheels host Drew Proicthard told “The latest Rolls Royce Wraith is sublime

“As an actual body of work that is really quite incredible.”


The Alpine brand was relaunched in 2017 after its temporary cessation in 1995.

However, the firm’s first modern vehicle was no pushover with the A110 praised by WhatCar? as its Sports Car of the Year back in 2019.

Three Men Four Wheels host Marino Franchitti said: “I think the Alpine. It’s a great little car. I’ve spent a lot of time in that and it’s just fabulous.

“I think the aftermarket stuff for that I think there will be people who will sort out all the little issues with age.

“But if you’re just looking at the chassis, the dynamics, the little engine, the gearbox, the gearing, the feeling you get.

“I was with my friend in the North of Scotland with some crazy, crazy cars and I was in a little Alpine and there was nothing it couldn’t keep up with, point to point. It was fabulous.”

Andy Jaye added: “On B roads it’s glorious, especially now the brand has been saved as well.”

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Three Men Four Wheels is available to stream now on discovery+



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