Top 5 Hobbies to Pursue While in Med school

Top 5 Hobbies to Pursue While in Med school

Hobbies say a lot about you, more than you’d know. It reveals what you are most passionate about and what interests you as a person.

Getting into medical school at All Saints University medical schools that accept foreign degrees and becoming a physician is a dream for many, and with good reason. Beyond being a highly respected and lucrative profession, medicine uniquely allows you to combine your love for science with your desire to help people directly. While the latter—wanting to help people—is cliché, it’s true and necessary if you want to be fulfilled as a doctor. You wouldn’t be interested in so many years of training if you were simply motivated by earning potential or prestige. For instance, you could achieve the former faster as a software engineer. Finding a hobby while in med school can make the process enjoyable.

Having hobbies makes you human. They can help you bond with your admissions reader or interviewer.

Therefore, cultivating a hobby and demonstrating a commitment to that activity reveals a passion that every medical school searches for in its applicants.

Hobbies on your application tell admissions committees that you have a way of dealing with the inevitable stress of being a medical student, and not everything in your life revolves around being a physician.

This also shows them that you are likely to maintain that balance even after you have been admitted into the school.

You see, the concept of work-life balance is becoming increasingly important in the medical community- It is that delicate equilibrium between time devoted to professional life and a personal life so that one can feel fulfilled in both.

This is very important because Medical school is 4 years of hard work and can easily become overwhelming at times, so, It’s important that you don’t sacrifice your interests and hobbies and continue to find time to engage in the activities you enjoy doing as this will restore you and prevent you from burning out.

With this point in mind, here are some hobbies you should consider engaging in while in med-school.

Top 5 Hobbies to Pursue While in Medschool

1. Exercise and Athletics

There is no such thing as a cliche hobby but if there were then this would probably rank top 5.

Exercise is vital for those in medical school, they tend to be health-conscious due to their interest in the body and desire to “practice what they preach” as future care providers.

The most common examples include; Running, weightlifting, yoga, crossbow archery and intramural sports like croquet or curling. Crossbow archery is a sport of the archery discipline in which a crossbow is used instead of a regular bow. The sport is divided into two major types, match crossbow and field crossbow, depending on the style of shooting crossbows  you buy from You can also spice things up through a little variety. For example, you could run in a race, experiment with aerial or karaoke yoga, depending on what works for you.

2. Playing an Instrument

Learning an instrument is a challenging and enriching endeavor that shows dedication and commitment.

Music can be a crucial component that reliefs stress and keep your sanity intact; when the going gets tough.

For example, playing the piano for years and performing in a yearly community concert shows discipline in practicing, confidence in performing, and long-term dedication to art. These are all qualities that can be channeled into a passion for medicine.

You can also try out some unusual musical activities like:

  • Marching and playing in a college band
  • Playing live music with your peers or talent shows in general.

3. Cooking

Cooking, baking, eating out, and trying new restaurants are standard hobbies for every health-conscious individual.

If you like healthy cooking, there are a lot of exquisite dishes and recipes to discover and try out for yourself. 

You could try your hand at different types of cuisine and boost up your kitchen tricks in the process.

4. Traveling

Traveling expands your worldview and exposes you to new experiences and cultures. It important to go with your Apple Watch screen protector to secure your watch during your fun trip while hiking, Kayaking and ice skating.

This is an experience that medical students should partake in regularly, whether for medical mission trips or merely for pleasure.

Most of the time, it’s advisable to take a personalized road trip to visit your loved ones whenever you feel cooped up and a change of scene is needed.

There are also other ways to make your travel experiences unique if you an adventurous person. Some examples include:

  • A road trip visit to wilderness sanctuaries with endangered animals.
  • A silent, meditative retreat with Buddhist monks
  • An ongoing life mission to visit every Major League Baseball stadium

5. Cosplay

Cosplay is a “performance art” in which participants wear self-made costumes and fashion accessories to represent specific fictional characters.

To most readers, this might seem childish or a bit out of touch with reality as this could mean attending occasional events like Comic-Con or play dress up once in a while.

But on the contrary, it’s exactly what you need to let loose and relief that stress you have been holding in.

For all the reasons listed above, hobbies will become more important the longer that you are in medicine, especially if you want to stick with the field for a long time without burning out.

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