Top 5 Effective Methods of Growing Cannabis to Make Profit

Growing cannabis is an art. And just like art, there are several varying methods of growing cannabis either inside or outdoors. Regardless of location, thanks to advanced cultivation techniques, and with personal dedication, virtually anybody can easily cultivate cannabis plants and make sales with brand marketing at

Once you have selected seeds or clones from the desired strain of cannabis, you can go ahead to choose one of the following simple methods of cultivation used by many efficient gardeners. The top methods of growing cannabis include:

  • The Outdoor System
  • The Indoor System
  • The Greenhouse System
  • The Hydroponic System
  • The Aeroponic System

We’ll be looking at these in detail

The Outdoor System

Outdoor farming is more common for farmers seeking to grow a more organic, handmade product. This is especially the case in the Northern California “Emerald Triangle”, an area that, in the 60s, largely incorporated US cannabis trade. The Emerald Triangle climate and soil conditions were perfect for hosting the ‘green rush’ that swept the area, which eventually accounted for more than half of US cannabis production (prior to legalization).

Growing cannabis outside will provide a lot of space for you to expand. With fertile soil, exposure to sufficient sunlight, cannabis will thrive in the open in its natural habitat.

Outdoor farming is a much harder method, as you would expect. If the environment is wrong or consistent, farming will always be hindered. Outdoor plants experience unpredictable weather and environmental influences, which make them much less stable than indoor plants. If the conditions are right, however, outdoor cultivation will grow large, strong and rich plants.

The easiest and least costly method is to grow cannabis outdoors in the soil. There is no need for special equipment but a quantitative measurements of the soil and produces with Durham Instruments. Even fertilizers used to help the safe and vigorous growth of cannabis should be nothing more than regular items purchased in any garden shop.

Be sure to use mineral-rich soil and other resources that the plants need to grow, as this would make for high yield.

The Indoor System

The cultivation of indoor cannabis is mostly used to cultivate medicinal marijuana because it allows the farmer complete control of the climate. The plants do not encounter extreme changes in temperature, moisture, light, composition of the soil or any other environmental factor with this approach. Rather, plants are grown under the exact conditions of growth that the cultivator has factored in.

This makes it possible for farmers to “fine-tune” their plants to meet their medicinal requirements and to grow the plant all year round.

This process helps to give the product a mass-produced uniformity, which makes them have a more consistent appearance and potency.

This is also an enticing approach for growers of recreational cannabis living in cities or areas where outside development is simply not feasible. Closet farming isn’t always as intricate as indoor facilities— some of them are truly technical wonders — but it does the needful.

The Greenhouse System

Plants grown in greenhouses or under light conditions rely on the sun, much like outdoor cultivation. But they are not completely environmentally exposed. Plants developed using these methods are similar to the indoor crops because the cultivator artificially regulates the elements.

The greenhouses technique helps farmers to grow all year round as they can control the moisture and overall greenhouse environment. The light deprivation method helps the growers to control the amount of sunlight when the plant starts to bloom.

This helps prolong the growing cycle of the plants and makes it possible for farmers to keep their plants healthier and deliver a better product.

The Hydroponic System

Hydroponic cannabis cultivation is an excellent approach for those who want high yields without the uncertainty of soil cultivation. The plants are grown in gravel stored in troughs. Water and fertilizer are supplied regularly to the containers throughout the period of cultivation

Hydroponic cultivation costs more than traditional methods of soil. Pumps, tanks, reservoirs, and gravel must be purchased by suppliers before the project is undertaken. Also look for the best iron railings to buy so you avoid rust which in turn affect increase or decrease pH levels. This method needs a lot more work for the grower, as both the nutrient level and the pH balance must be monitored consistently.

The cultivation of hydroponic cannabis demands much space, but hydroponics is a very good growing option for cultivators willing to devote time, energy and square footage to their cause.

The Aeroponic System

Cannabis growers who want something new and exciting can use the aeroponic method to grow their plants.

Aeroponic growth means that the roots of the plant are grown in air instead of in dirt, gravel or some other source. The growers spray a steady mist of water and fertilizer over the hanging roots, using a mesh basket to nestle growing plants.

The method of cannabis cultivation using aeroponics is the fastest. And the yield is often incredibly high. The aeroponic system is, however, not for beginners. It should only be done by experienced cannabis growers, because it is very easy to make mistakes and the process is intense. The plant can die in a very short period of time if pH balance and nutrient levels are incorrect.

Although it takes more work than land cultivation and as much time and money as it takes to grow the cannabis plant hydroponically, aeroponics can provide growers with the most extraordinary yield experience if done correctly.

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