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Tools are needed in everything, and without them, life would be a little harder for people who work on hands-on experience, particularly those on the frontlines of most businesses present in the different industries today.

Contact centers are one of the most important services for businesses. They make the world functional and connected despite the distance, focusing on global scale operations that let a company connect to their international clientele.

Top 5 Best Contact Center Operations Software

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Platforms and software are a few of the modern tools that help in the everyday life of people, ensuring that they get the best they can out of every situation. It is the same case for Contact Centers, as they relay the concerns and issues of a customer to find a solution and communicate with them, providing a hands-on experience even at a remote setup.

Here is the top 5 best contact center operations software of 2021:


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#1 3CX

Contact Center Operations Software’s top bets include 3CX, a global company that has focused on bringing the freedom of communication to all its users, from contact center agents to customers that utilize products for their needs.

With the latest release of V18, 3CX introduced a platform that brings a fully-integrated customer-focused communications system and helps in bridging the communication gap between agent and customer.

The company brings a lot of services and benefits to the table, having a massive portfolio since 2005, with more than 25,000 partner companies and 12 million users that rely on its services and offers.

3CX brings one of the best in class audio quality, performance, and reliability while helping retain high levels of customer service even in a remote setup. The company helps in eliminating extra costs, as it delivers an all-in-one solution.

The company offers competitive pricing and focuses on bringing a service that is transparent and affordable.

Who Is 3CX?

3CX is a company that develops open standards communications solutions that brings innovation in business connectivity and collaboration, aiming to replace the proprietary PBXs (Private Branch Exchange). The company offers cutting costs from telephone companies, helps in boosting employee productivity, and improves customer experience services.

The company’s software solution includes free mobile applications for Android and iOS, video conferencing, website live chat, SMS, and Facebook message integration as a complete communications package.

3CX has as many as 600,000 customers who use its services globally, and it includes top names like McDonald’s, Hugo Boss, Plaza Antwerp, Harley Davidson, Wilson Sporting Goods, Pepsi, and more. The company is known globally for service quality and availability, and its services cannot be missed in countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, South Africa, Russia, and Australia.


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Contact Center Features

  • Call queues, IVR
  • Advanced call reporting
  • Integration with leading CRM apps
  • Live chat
  • Agent training tools including listen-in, whisper, and barge
  • Web and Windows communications client
  • Corporate chat
  • Business FB and SMS integration

3CX includes a full range of call center features such as call queues, IVR, advanced call reporting, and agent training tools (including listen-in, whisper, and barge) targeted to improve customer experience and agent efficiency.

Thanks to its unique 3CX Live Call feature, customers can quickly reach out to agents and receive more personalized assistance by converting a live chat conversation to an audio or video call in just one click. Regardless of the complexity of the issue, the agent is always fully equipped to assist the customer on the spot without redirecting the call to someone else. What’s even better is that access to these features requires no extra spending.

Moreover, 3CX can easily integrate with other applications, software, and systems. These include popular Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) integrations that help centralize all internal and external communication and customer records.

Since an agent knows who is calling before even taking the call, the communication can be tailored to the specific client on the line, offering a great angle and boosting customer satisfaction and sales.

3CX also includes features aimed to improve business agility and agent mobility. Agents can easily access the system via browser extensions, Windows Desktop app, Web Client, or iOS and Android apps and stay on the line regardless of where they are.

3CX doesn’t require special hardware, so whether at home, at work, or on the move, employees can always stay connected using any device active online.

Pricing Model

With the above-mentioned benefits, the company confidently equips the contact centers around the world with a feature-rich business communication system capable of transforming their customer service and driving their sales through the roof. Without taking a hit on their budget, 3CX delivers a well-rounded communications package that can be tailored according to individual company needs.

What’s even better is that the call center features require no extra spending as they are part of the default package.The company promises to deliver as much as 80% savings compared to its competitors, as businesses are free to choose their own SIP trunks, cloud providers, and hardware they prefer and avoid unnecessary additional expenses.

Together with its transparent pricing and pricing model based on the number of simultaneous calls, any business can drastically cut down on spending and improve its scalability. Additionally, the subscription of 4SC is available for free perpetually to ensure that the start-ups and smaller businesses can get on their feet before any investment is required. You can get started right away!


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  • Advanced Customer Service Features – 3CX helps businesses advance their customer service, giving the best possible assistance to those that require it.
  • CRM Integrations Available – 3CX can be easily integrated with popular CRM systems helping agents to get to know the customer before taking the call.
  • Open Platform – 3CX is open platform meaning that it doesn’t lock you into any particular vendor for IP phones or SIP trunks.
  • Easy To Deploy and Manage – Whether installed on premise or hosted, 3CX is a breeze for any admin to set up and configure. The 3CX management console equips the admin with all the tools required to add users, phones, etc. while having a bird’s eye view of all operations.
  • Mobility – Working from anywhere is no longer a problem as 3CX allows the option of a web client and mobile apps for agents to respond to customer queries from anywhere

3CX offers both a mobile and desktop app for its V18, and it remains one of the top software in this list, apart from the service of the company in general. Its applications and readily-available systems for app integration make the system accessible from anywhere at any time. They are as follows:

  • 3CX Android App
  • 3CX iOS App
  • 3CX Web Browser Extensions for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge
  • Windows Desktop Application
  • PBX for Linux and Raspberry Pi
  • PBX Hosting for Google, Amazon, and Microsoft Cloud
  • WordPress Live Chat Plugin

With the above-mentioned benefits, the company aims to bring a service to contact centers to help them start despite having no huge investments yet, connecting the worldwide service it requires. The main focus of every contact center is to deliver on the service they bring, which 3CX brings to the table, focusing on their mission for every customer that approaches.

The products of the company focuses on a massive suite of options that would fit a lot of systems that a company prefers to use. This is helpful in the different requirements of the company which they can integrate to whatever service they aim to debut as they start.

3CX is a partner for all needs in a contact center, having a lot of satisfied customer reviews that attest to the system they provide, complementing the years they have in bringing these services to different clients, from the small-scale to large enterprises.


UJET is one of the most unique contact center operations software globally, and that is because it has focused its business on being in the modern setup in the cloud. Everything is wireless now, and even in the digital world, many businesses are converting to cloud centers to avoid waiting for a particular application to be downloaded and installed.

What’s great with the cloud is that it avoids taking up massive space in a computer system, meaning that companies can save on space by adding services from companies like UJET.

Who Is UJET?

UJET believes that its customers and consumers have evolved, so they focus on a light platform that is not bothersome for its clients to use. One of the main focuses of UJET is that it “unifies the enterprise,” focusing on different industries for which it aims to provide its service to help in bringing contact center operations as a primary focus.

Benefits, Services, and Features

  • Cloud Service Platform for Contact Center Operations Software
  • Brand Experience across sales, marketing, and support
  • Integrates channel switching between voice, digital, and self-service for consumers in one service
Contact Center Operations Software

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#3 is unique in its way. It is because the company has sided with technology and innovation to power its software. It aims to help people do what they want regarding communications and integration. The company relies on AI or artificial intelligence to power its platform that caters to customers, assisting anyone who needs it.

Who Is

The company offers high-performing teams that provide real-time guidance in everything they do, focusing on self-learning experiences and assistance to buyers. It helps in growing the company in a way that has not been seen before.

Because of the company’s focus on artificial intelligence, helps the contact center agent or representative to grow in the modern industry where digital integration and evolution are a constant phenomenon experienced by different companies. Moreover, it helps in giving a better learning experience on the job.

Benefits, Services, and Features

  • AI System to Help the Job, being one of the top powered platforms on the list
  • Focuses on Revenue Growth to help the team and eventually, the company
  • Data Analysis and Review with the help of AI
  • Problem solving and solution with the use of AI
  • Enhanced Assistance platform

#4 CallRail

CallRail focuses on the “call tracking” technology, which sets the company apart from its competitors in the industry and in this list. The feature is a fairly advanced one, and it gives them the edge of providing answers and helps those that think they do not need it but end up requiring the assistance after all.

Who is CallRail?

CallRail is a business established in 2011, bringing a service that aims to help assist those who need it. It also generate leads that help drive growth concerning different services and industries. The focus of CallRail is to find the customer before the customer finds them, and it has proven to be effective for the company to adapt, something that has made their presence known in the industry.

Of course, the company offers other features and services, and it does not shy away from technology available for today’s industry.

CallRail remains one of the top contact center operations software in the market today, having as much as a 200-person workforce that has partnered with a whopping 180,000 companies globally to deliver its active software.

Benefits, Services, and Features

  • Focuses on call tracking technology that Leads to Customer Service
  • Marketing and Sales Driven approach to Contact Center Operations
  • Provides impactful leads for a service provided by its client
  • Helps in tracking web forms as well
Contact Center Operations Software

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#5 NICE CXone

Another cloud contact center that focuses on experience and delivering the customer’s needs, NICE CXone (formerly NICE InContact), debuted its product to be one of the top services in the market today, going alongside tech giants in the list. The company’s focus sets it apart from existing contact center operations software because it focuses more on the experience of a customer, making its services different from the approach of others.

Who is NICE CXone?

NICE CXone focuses on a service that prioritizes its customers first, having a transaction that would make a customer want to patronize it again because of its assistance features that help in the concern they initially brought up. Customer Loyalty is one of the focuses of NICE CXone, and it does so with its cloud contact center platform that features a different experience from others in this list.

The company helps respond faster, smarter, and better than other services, bringing a helpful approach to the customer who asked for assistance. The CXone platform of the company integrates all the customer service needs of the company and the contact center operations management software.

Benefits, Services, and Features

  • Customer loyalty and engagement is the main focus of the company
  • Provides helpful tools to both contact center agent and customer to accommodate their needs and requirements
  • One-on-one customer interactions are the main strength of the company
  • Boasts of large CX partnerships in the industry

Interaction and communication are everything in a contact center company. Even though they have found a solid and sturdy foundation for their contact agents and a good call line, having the wrong software can trigger a domino effect in their service.

To have good software can contribute highly to the company’s overall performance, ensuring that the technology would do its best to improve the focus of the agent and customer.

Software like 3CX helps bring assistance to a customer, provide the necessary details they need, and help the company close off and address a concern that requires excellent customer service. The software helps empower the industry of contact centers, make their service meaningful, and provide the best for its consumers or customers.

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