Top 5 Android Games in 2022

Top 5 Android Games in 2022
Jakarta, Indonesia – July 3, 2018. The LG G7 ThinQ powered by the Snapdragon 845 mobile platform and play game PUBG Mobile.

Games generally offer countless hours of entertainment. No matter what you’re into — strategy games, first-person shooters, puzzlers and more — there’s probably a game on Google’s Play Store that you’ll enjoy.

However, such luxury comes at a price. Finding the perfect games in a crowded store can be herculean. Not to worry, we have compiled some of the best games for you following several analyses from

1. Stardew Valley

ConcernedApe did the impossible, he created a better version of Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons, all on his own, and the results speak for themself. Stardew Valley is a phenomenon, a trendsetter, and for a good reason, it is one of the best farming and life sims ever made. Not only are there hundreds of hours of gameplay included within, but the writing is also top-notch, support is superb, plus you can easily resize the UI to fit whatever screen you play on, and there’s controller support out of the box. Sure, the multiplayer content is still missing, but beyond this one issue, the Android port is fantastic. Hands-down, Stardew Valley is the obvious choice if you’re looking for a friendly farming sim to dive into.

2. Bridge Constructor Portal

Headup offers more than a few Bridge Constructor games on Android, but Bridge Constructor Portal is easily the most popular of the group, all thanks to the slick Portal theme. Yes, you’ll still be tasked with building bridges, but within this release, you’ll also have to account for a few Portal mechanics in order to build successfully. Not only is this a great mashup of two very different genres, but it’s super fun too. It’s easily the best Bridge Constructor game on the Play Store, which is precisely why it’s in our best-of-all-time game roundup.

3. Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride is a mobile adaptation of the wonderful train-based board game that many love and enjoy. It can support up to five players with pass-and-play (or local area if everyone has the game on their device). The power of technology shines through, making for quick and easy gameplay. This is an excellent party or family gathering game, allowing for some healthy competition.

4. Triple Agent

Much like Among Us, Triple Agent is all about deception. There will be two teams, with one of them tasked to get the other team to turn on itself. Be careful about getting sidetracked or fooled, because it can have consequences for your team. The game is played on a single device with rules explained as you play. It’s yet another awesome party game that brings people together by turning them against each other. This game is quite fun as many online casino users find it even more exciting than some video games.

5. Who Can’t Draw

Who Can’t Draw is like a modern day version of Pictionary, but for your Android phone. The first person receives a word and does their best to draw it, before passing their device to the next player. That person then has 15 seconds to copy the drawing and pass it on down the line. The last person then tries to guess what the original word was based on the most recent drawing. It’s really a lot of fun for group get-togethers looking to play one of the best Android games.

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