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Police have been able to return some of the stolen property, but are putting out a public call for the remaining goods.

“We have been able to return bikes, construction tools, artwork, supplies from a hair salon, laptops, tablets, projectors, men’s suits, a Katana sword, a PlayStation, a suitcase full of sentimental items and identity documents,” police said in a Facebook post.

The remaining items, including tools, glassware, video game systems, statues and jackets, are viewable in a Facebook gallery. Police ask if you recognize something of yours to contact with “as many details and corroborating photos as possible, along with the exhibit number identified in the Facebook album photo.”

Items from a cache of stolen goods worth more than $200,000 recovered by Calgary police.

Police also want to remind people that it’s important to report property when it’s stolen.

“If you have an item stolen from you it is important you report it to police for two reasons. First, we hope that one day we can recover and return the item to you. Secondly, we can’t lay charges in relation to stolen property unless we have a corresponding report to identify a victim,” said Staff Sgt. Jodi Gach in the Facebook post. “Stolen property can be reported online, at any district office, or by calling the non-emergency number 403-266-1234.”

Items from a cache of stolen goods worth more than $200,000 recovered by Calgary police.


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