In today’s world, with this era of technology, people start finding their new devices after some time. He is selling his smartphone through websites like OLX and Cashify included in the market. Many times, people when selling mobiles, only take out the SIM card and forget to log out the required ID. There is a risk of leaking on their personal data. So today we are going to give you some tips which can be very useful when you sell smartphones.

Factory reset smartphone

Before selling the smartphone, you must log-out the IDs of Facebook, Twitter, and social media. After this, the phone has to be factory reset. For this, you have to go to the settings and choose the option of backup and reset. Now you will see the reset phone, clicking on it will delete all the data.

Log out google from phone

Logging out Google ID is very important before selling mobile because it connects your bank account. To log out there, you have to go to the option of user and accounts. After this, you will see the option to ‘remove’, click on it. In this way, your account gets logged out.

Do data backup before selling the phone

Before making or changing the phone, you should make a backup of your required data. This will never leak your data. To make a backup, you will have to go to Settings and click on the backup option. By doing this, every picture, document, and video of you can be saved in Google Drive.

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Must delete smartphone password

It is necessary to remove the save password before selling the smartphone. If you do not do this, it may cause your personal data to reach the wrong hands. For this, you have to go to the profile of the browser and choose the option to save password. Here you will see the password of every website that you use. To delete these passwords, you have to click on the three dots next to them. Now you will have the option to remove, click on it. After this, your password will be deleted.

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