Brands on TikTok now have a new way to connect with users of the video-creation platform: Gamified Branded Effect, which debuted Tuesday.

Gamified Branded Effect enables brands to prompt people on TikTok to use facial expressions, body postures or other motions in order to control and interact with branded elements, and the experience is sound-on.

There are over 20 formats that brands can customize for their campaigns, including having users juggle a ball on their eyebrows, match poses in a catch beat and use their heads to control submarines.



TikTok said interest in gaming on its platform is up by more than 200% over the past year, adding, “Now, more than ever, brands are continuing to look for ways to connect with a stay-at-home audience, and we’ve seen an increased interest from advertisers who are looking to gamify their brand message as a fun tool to engage with the TikTok community in a positive way.”


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