The Hubbard County Sheriff’s Office was called to Enbridge property, located approximately 15 miles north of Park Rapids, on Nov. 18, following a trespassing complaint.

Around 9:34 a.m., officers found 20 individuals inside Enbridge’s fenced-off parcel off 300th Street.

According to the sheriff’s office, some individuals appeared to be tampering with heavy equipment while others were holding anti-Line 3 flags and banners. The individuals were also “yelling and making anti-Line 3 statements.”

All but two people complied with orders to vacate the private property. The sheriff’s office reported that two individuals chained themselves to a piece of heavy equipment and refused to leave. Law enforcement freed the individuals with cutting tools, then placed them under arrest.

They were identified as Mira Grinsfelder, 24, of Minneapolis and Elizabeth Foy, 20, of St. Paul. Both were charged with trespassing and obstructing legal process. They were taken to the Hubbard County Jail.

After leaving the private property, the sheriff said the remaining individuals stayed in the area and continued to display large banners and flags. They stood in the middle of the public roadway where they continued to yell vulgarities. The news release states the group’s spokesperson was advised that they would need to leave the area, as blocking the roadway and doing what they were doing was unlawful. The spokesperson asked where they could lawfully continue with their demonstration. The spokesperson was given some locations, but the group continued to block the roadway. Shawn Etsitty, 27, of Mentimore, New Mexico was then cited with public nuisance. Andrew Miles, 24, of Minneapolis was arrested and charged with public nuisance and unlawful assembly. The remainder of the individuals quickly left the area, according to the sheriff’s report.

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