This 'Tetris' Waffle Maker Turns Every Morning Into a Game

Tetris Waffle Maker

We all love waffles for breakfast, right? They come in all sorts of different sizes, and you can smother them with plenty of tasty toppings, like Strawberries or Nutella. However, if you’re looking to spruce up your mornings or want to play with your food, you’ll love this new ‘Tetris’ waffle maker from the company Firebox.

Yes, you can enjoy a balanced meal while getting a new high score at the breakfast table by playing with a set of tetromino pieces. I don’t know about you, but I want one.

The Firebox website sells an officially-licensed Tetris waffle maker, and it’s only $41. Like any retro waffle maker, heating plates are on the top and the bottom. However, only this model features a specific pattern design to produce tetromino pieces, so you can play some Tetris as you eat.

Judging by the pictures, this waffle maker cooks up about five different Tetris pieces, with a few doubles just in case you accidentally eat one or ruin it while pulling them apart. Just remember to let them cool for a minute before you start playing around, or you’ll burn your fingers.

This little machine might not cook up as much as a Ninja Foodie Grill, but you’ll certainly have fun with it. Grab your own Tetris Waffle Maker, or get one as a gift from the link below.

via Nerdist


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