Samsung Display has just shown us what Samsung’s rollable phone may look like. The company shared a couple of sketches on its website, showing us the possible future of Samsung’s smartphones.

The first sketch shows what a rollable smartphone may look like, while the other shows a Z-shaped foldable handset. Now, we all know that Samsung is one of the most innovative companies out there, so this is not out of reach for sure.

Samsung’s future rollable smartphone may offer a rather interesting, unorthodox design

Regarding the rollable phone, this design is quite interesting. It’s a completely different approach to what OPPO announced quite recently. This device is not a regular smartphone that expands into a tablet, not at all.

Samsung rollable smartphone sketch

This is essentially a cylinder stick, from which a display rolls out, or at least it looks like it. If it ever gets announced, this will surely be one of the most interesting designs around.

The display would sit, rolled up, inside that cylinder stick, and then you’d be able to roll it out and use a rather large display. The company’s exec was spotted with a mysterious smartphone in hand recently.

That device looks more similar to what OPPO announced recently, than it does to what we see here. Samsung is, without a doubt, testing quite a few designs for its rollable smartphone, so we’ll have to wait and see which of them pan out.

The z-shaped foldable smartphone may be closer to become a reality than we think

Now, regarding the second sketch that Samsung Display published. This one seems closer to become a reality. It is a foldable phone, that folds in two places, aka a Z-shaped foldable.

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Samsung Z shaped foldable sketch 1

This design would allow Samsung to pack in a much larger display inside. It would allow it to offer you a 6+ inch smartphone that folds out into a 9-10-inch tablet, essentially.

Such a device would be quite heavy, though, considerably heavier than the Galaxy Z Fold 2. That is a sacrifice many people would be ready to make in order to get something like this, though.

According to reports, Samsung has been working on such a design for a long time now. The Z-shaped foldable handset from the company may be closer to reality than we think.



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