Auktion H15 laptop – $479.99 at Gearbest
We’ve never come across Auktion before, but this Chinese reseller is currently offering the world’s cheapest laptop with a 1TB SSD. The  rest of the specs won’t blow you away, but it could be worth a punt if storage and price are priorities.View Deal

Kuu K2 laptop – $329.00 at Gearbest
The Kuu K2 is a great alternative if you’re after a solid privacy-focused laptop, provided you don’t mind the slightly smaller SSD.View Deal

This is the first time we’ve come across Auktion, but the brand has certainly piqued our interest. It hails from popular online electronics marketplace Gearbest and appears to be one of the dozens of laptop resellers to come out of China, but with one crucial difference. 

The Auktion H15 is currently the most affordable laptop on the market that comes with a 1TB SSD out of the box, available for just $479.99 (or £386.40/AU$695.99).



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