Nintendo’s latest handheld console will be arriving on shelves soon – on September 20 to be precise – which means pre-orders will soon be closing. In Australia, laying your hands on the Nintendo Switch Lite for the full RRP will mean spending a cool AU$329.95.

However, some local retailers have some tasty offers that bring the price down – even during this preorder phase – on this smaller, handheld version of the original Switch

The cheapest option currently comes from eBay, but you’ll need to be an eBay Plus member to get the offered discount and be real quick, too, with the offer available for just a few hours starting this afternoon. 

Starting at noon today – that’s 12pm on Tuesday, September 17 – The Gamesmen’s eBay store will offer up 160 Nintendo Switch Lite consoles each hour until 5pm, with a discount of AU$100 off the listed price when you use the checkout code PLUSLIT.

It is important to keep in mind that the listed price on the eBay offer is higher than the actual RRP, although getting AU$100 off still makes it the best Australian price we’ve seen by a huge margin. (For reference, Amazon AU currently has the Switch Lite for $298, or $288 for Prime members.)

If you aren’t already an eBay Plus member, you can still score this discount by signing up for a free 30-day eBay Plus trial. If you decide to continue after the 30-day trial period, a subscription will set you back a very reasonable AU$49 annually. The benefits are free delivery and returns on millions of products, as well the opportunity to earn double Flybuys points on purchases. You’ll also get access to a selection of exclusive deals and special offers, like the ones listed below.

Nintendo Switch Lite Yellow preorder |AU$240.95 on eBay

The same offer is also available on the yellow version of Switch Lite, if you think the grey model above is too drab a colour. Again, the offer is open to just eBay Plus members – so sign up if you haven’t already – and keep watch on the page for a new batch to be unlocked each hour between 12-5pm today (Sept 17). View Deal

Nintendo Switch Lite Turquoise preorder | AU$240.95 on eBay

The turquoise flavour will also be up for grabs this arvo for just over AU$240 if you get in quick and are an eBay Plus member. That’s AU$100 off the listed price (and $89 off the RRP) and the cheapest preorder price on the new console. But be sure to use the checkout code PLUSLIT to make sure you pocket the saving.View Deal

In case you missed it…

The eBay offer detailed above is for an extremely limited time with just 160 units being offered. So chances are you’ll have to get lucky to snag one. For those who are unable to, though, there is hope.

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Amazon Australia also has an offer on the Nintendo Switch Lite preorders and, like eBay, you’ll need to be an Amazon Prime member to take advantage. And while the offer isn’t as appetising as the eBay one, you’ll still pocket some savings.

While the Australian launch price of the new console is AU$329.95, Amazon has it listed at AU$298 for everyone. However, Prime members can get an additional AU$10 off when you preorder any of the colour options on Amazon, bringing the price down to AU$288. 

Nintendo Switch Lite preorder | AU$288 on Amazon

While not the cheapest offer, Amazon Prime members can save AU$41.95 on the RRP when preordering the Turquoise, Grey or Yellow Switch Lite consoles on Amazon. That’s just AU$10 off on the listed price, but it’s a pretty good deal if you missed out on the eBay offer.View Deal