This amazing artist uses tiny figures to create brilliant mini worlds

(Pocket-lint) – Péter Csákvári, aka Tiny Wasteland, is a brilliant artist who transforms small parts of his world with miniature figures who are seemingly going about their lives in tiny worlds. 

These simple, yet brilliant photographs, give a new perspective and seemingly conjure up a wonderful fictional world. With each image, you can imagine these little people going about their business while our giant belongings are just a part of their surroundings. 

We’ve collected some of our favourites for you to enjoy but be sure to check out Tiny Wasteland on Facebook and Instagram for more. 

Art and work

Péter Csákvári says that making these miniature worlds came about when he started doing food photography with a macro lens then realised he could do more. 

As the passion progressed, he bought a 3D printer to craft his own tiny figures to place into these imaginary worlds. 

Coca-Cola tables

Péter Csákvári’s passion has gone on to become his livelihood. He exhibits all over the world while using his talents for adverts as well. 

Smoking kills

We like the detail of this image and the simple horrors of it.

In an ashtray, several tiny people in hazmat suits are seemingly inspecting the aftermath of a fire caused by cigarettes.

n the middle, a tiny burnt body draws their attention and this art tells a bigger, more poignant story about the dangers of smoking. 

Laying pipe

These tiny workmen are clearly making the most of what’s at hand. Where we giant humans now frown on plastic straws due to their impact on the environment, these men are using them for pipe works. 

Why not? 

Sponge volleyball

Beach volleyball has nothing on sponge volleyball. Just imagine playing on a sponge-like this. No sand getting places it shouldn’t and you’ve basically got a bouncy surface to jump high on. 


It’s fun imagining these tiny gardeners working hard on their greens. At a micro level, they’re managing the growth but they’ll also be in danger from insects from snails to slugs. 

Fish tank in a train carraige

It seems like these tiny people are brilliantly resourceful. Here they’ve converted a tiny train carriage into a fish tank. Naturally, this image also points to the possibility of the small people having a railway system of their own too. 

Food construction

It seems that a lot of effort goes into something simple as making some food. So much so that even a fork lift needs to be bought in to help. 

Canned people

Imagine opening up a can and expecting to find some tuna only to discover two people sitting on a park bench starting back at you. 


Even these tiny people are narcissists it seems. This one caught on camera casually snapping a selfie in front of a dead bird. 

The image also tells a story of the damage the human race is doing to the world and the animals who inhabit it. 

Bug repairmen

As an alternative to an insect vet there’s a world of bug repair people working away helping out injured tiny creatures. 

Butter is slippery

Someone has slipped and fallen in the butter and the police have shown up to rescue them. Things are not going well and there’s certainly going to be a mess. 

Canned kraken

In one can there was a peaceful couple under a tree, but opening this one has apparently unleashed the kraken. 

This man in his tiny boat doesn’t seem to phased though. 

Flour worm

Being a tiny person looks like a lot of fun generally, but there are some hidden dangers lurking in innocuous places. Somewhere ass simple as a pile of flour can hide some angry creatures. 

We like the imagination Péter Csákvári and the creative curiosities he throws into his environment and his photos. 

So that’s how they’re made

Here we see some tiny workers going about their job of making sultanas. Or are they reinflating dishevelled grapes?

Making popcorn

We like to look at these images and imagine a tiny army of works beavering away like this. Removing the sweetcorn to put it in cans or prepare it to be turned into popcorn. 

Buckle up

Some of these tiny worlds tell an important story for real life as well. Like the importance of wearing a seatbelt in case you crash into a giant strawberry. 

Cookie monster

Ever wondered where the chocolate chips in cookies come from? Wonder no more. 

We honestly don’t fancy a cookie anymore. 

Writing by Adrian Willings.


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