Photo: Courtesy of the retailer

For most of my life, I have held a decidedly “who cares” attitude toward extension cords. I appreciated their utility, but my feelings stopped there. An extension cord was an extension cord, and when I didn’t inherit them from roommates, I bought them at 99-cent stores. I certainly never researched or compared brands. And it showed: In every apartment I have ever lived in, these cords were a necessary eyesore, creating squiggly (and dusty) lines along my baseboards and behind my furniture. But recently, while visiting my soon-to-be sister-in-law in L.A., I discovered an extension cord that changed my mind. I liked using it so much that I ordered the exact same one before flying back home.

What makes the Famatel Roller extension cord different is that it comes rolled up inside a compact, bagel-shaped, silicon spindle. The lime-green halves of the bagel are flexible and can be turned inside out for quick winding and flipped back down to keep any unused cord neat and tidy. When fully extended, the cord measures six feet long, making it great for working in coffee shops or connecting to the awkward outlets behind my couch. (Famatel also makes one with USB ports that would be perfect for overnight phone charging beside my bed.)



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