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These sleek Bluetooth audio sunglasses have Bose Open Ear Audio tech – Gadget Flow

Earbuds are great but sometimes their ANC feature works a little too well. Be part of the world and still listen to music with these audio sunglasses.

Listen to music and take calls seamlessly while you’re out and about with the Bose Frames Tenor. These Bluetooth audio sunglasses use Bose Open Ear Audio tech and have an advanced microphone system.

If your ANC earbuds and headphones leave you feeling disconnected, try the Bose Frames Tenor. Their Bose Open Ear Audio lets you hear the outside world while listening to music and taking calls. You can even get them with prescription lenses.

Bose Frames Tenor audio sunglasses
Bose Frames Tenor on a man

Get Bose’s Open Ear Audio technology

By now, you’ve probably seen a lot of smart sunglasses, each with its own tech. What makes this pair different is its Bose Open Ear Audio.

It’s been engineered by sound experts to provide high-quality sound in a paper-thin system that’s hidden right at the temples. It sends premium audio to your ears without any headphones.

According to Bose, their technology provides full-range sound while reducing what people around you can hear. It also doesn’t need to fit tightly in your ears, keeping audiophiles comfortable.

Bose Frames Tenor audio sunglasses
Bose Frames Tenor in use

Protect your eyes with polarized lenses

But these sunglasses aren’t just about audio. They also keep your eye health in mind, thanks to their polarized 99% UVA/B lenses. That’s right; they block out 99% of the UVA/B that could harm your eyes.

It’s a helpful feature for any potential wearer, especially if you live in a sunny area or play outdoor sports.

Bose Frames Tenor audio sunglasses
Bose Frames Tenor front and side view

Get calls, too, thanks to the advanced mics

Meanwhile, you can expect high-quality calls with the advanced microphone system. It focuses on your voice while you talk, ignoring background sound.

That way, the person you’re talking to can hear you clearly, without any road or ambient noise getting in the way. It’s an ideal way to make and take calls while you’re out.

Bose Frames Tenor audio sunglasses
Bose Frames Tenor side view

Swipe, tap, or touch to manage these audio frames

While these Bluetooth audio sunglasses boasts cutting-edge tech, they’re pretty easy to control and use. They boast a capacitive touch and built-in motion sensor for modern yet straightforward controls.

So when you want to change the volume, simply slide your finger along the right temple. Then, just double tap to bring up your phone’s voice assistant.

And when you’re done wearing them, place them upside down. They’ll recognize this movement and turn off automatically.

Bose Frames Tenor in a video

Fill these smart sunglasses with your RX

Yes, you can fill these Bluetooth audio sunglasses with your lens prescription. That way, you can get sound and call benefits while having lenses customized to your sight.

Wear smart shades that look cool

Style is a huge influencer when buying a pair of shades. Luckily, these innovative sunglasses have plenty of it.

Sporting a modern square frame with an eye-catching keyhole bridge, the Bose Frames Tenor adds style to your look.

Meanwhile, the glossy black material and stainless steel hinge ensure they feel luxurious during wear.

Redefine audio comfort

Earbuds are great, but they aren’t always comfortable. With the Bose Frames Tenor, listing to music and taking calls is never painful or irritating.

That’s because you don’t have to put anything in your ears. These Bluetooth audio sunglasses feel just like normal pair of shades and they fit lightly on your nose and behind your ears.

Listen to your favorite audio discreetly

Another problem with earbuds is how obvious they are. Because when you’re out running errands or heading to work, you might not want everyone around to know that you’re listening to something else.

With the Bose Frames Tenor, that’s not a problem. Since these frames look like regular sunglasses, people around you will have no idea you’re jamming to your favorite tunes or making a call.

Be part of the world around you

Even better, these shades allow you to hear and interact with what’s going on around you. That way, you can hear what the barista is asking you while still listening to your music or taking a call.

The Bose Frames Tenor Sunglasses play your audio discreetly while keeping you part of the real world. They also protect your eyes from UV rays and can be fitted with your prescription lenses.

And when it comes to style, they’re just the right amount of sleek and modern. Upgrade your listening and productivity experience in a big way when you go for these Bluetooth audio sunglasses.

The Bose Frames Tenor Bluetooth audio sunglasses cost $259, and you can get them on Eyeconic. Do you own a pair of smart glasses? Tell us about your experience in the comments.

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