If you’re into sports, chances are you’ve heard about theScore app, whether you use it or not. Well, theScore got a rather big update on Android quite recently. This update doesn’t really revamp the app completely, but it does give it a boost.

So, what’s new? Well, the developer not only improved the app performance and stability, but the app download size has also been reduced. It has been reduced by 50-percent, which is a major change. It signalizes some considerable tinkering and optimization.

theScore app update brings UI design changes as well

On top of that, several design changes have been made to the UI. The text size has been changed, it’s smaller now, and the whole UI simply looks easier to read. Information is more viewable, in a way.

We cannot testify to performance changes, as I personally haven’t been using the app for a while, but the developer claims that most issues have been resolved… if you’ve had any.

This app is actually quite capable in regards to sports info. Not only will it provide you with the latest scores, statistics, etc., so act as a livescore app, but it acts as a news aggregator as well.

Once you fire it up, you’ll be asked to select sports that interest you, your favorite teams, and so on. Once you do that, you’ll get all the necessary information on your phone. So, you can limit that information to soccer, for example, after selecting relevant leagues, and teams.

This app can provide you with an entirely personalized news feed

Your feed easily becomes personalized, so that you don’t have to read through a bunch of news that are not important. On top of all that, the app also offers the ‘Chat & Messaging’ feature.

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If you like talking about sports, you can connect with fans from all around the world, and talk to them about it. No matter if you’re into soccer, football, basketball, hockey, or something else entirely.

If you’d like to try out theSport app, and you still don’t have it on your phone, you can get it via the link down below.

theScore app (Play Store)



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