The Top Immigration Lawyers Helping Startups, Founders Get Work Visas – Business Insider

  • For startups, growing a team isn’t about hiring lots of people but hiring the right people.
  • Immigration lawyers can help. This list profiles 18 of the top attorneys working with startups.
  • They have secured work visas of all types for foreign-born founders and growing companies.
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Immigration lawyers hold the keys to a startup’s No. 1 competitive advantage: its people.

They help growing companies hire the best talent from anywhere, steering them through a daunting US immigration system that places higher scrutiny on startups than big corporations. The best attorneys know how to translate legalese into clear guidance, and they handle the paperwork drudgery so entrepreneurs can focus on building their businesses.

For this list, our senior legal-industry reporter, Jack Newsham, and our most tenured startups reporter, Melia Russell, worked together to identify the top immigration attorneys helping startups and their founders secure work visas. We relied on references from founders and the venture capitalists who fund them, as well as an open nominations form.

We took into consideration a lawyer’s accomplishments, clients, and reputation in the startup community, though many of the lawyers asked that we not name the startups on their rosters to protect attorney-client privilege.

Did we miss any? Contact the authors Melia Russell and Jack Newsham at and


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