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Things to Consider for a Successful Work from Home Setup

One year later, after the onslaught of the coronavirus, people are still working from home. The days of being crammed in an office with your co-workers making small talk by the water cooler are slowly becoming a thing of the past. 

While some people are missing the interaction with their co-workers and the office environment, others are finding that they are thriving in their careers from the comfort of their own homes. Many of these “work from home warriors” are finding that their mental health and also their mood is much better in this new way of working. 

Many companies, such as Twitter, are now making it to where all of their employees are working remotely. Because most of us are working from home, we tend to forget the importance of our workspace. 

Remote work can often mean working from home. But with a household full of family members, finding a suitable, quiet space to set up your desktop PC or laptop can be difficult. So, what can you do about it?

The first thing we all need to consider with our work from home space is ergonomics. There are so many benefits when it comes to utilizing ergonomics instead of sitting at your dinner table to do your work. People need to have a healthy work-from-home setup to have a happy and healthy work-life. 

Simply put, ergonomic desks and chairs not only help you focus on your day to day work, but it also keeps you feeling great while you do it. People have found that when using ergonomic desks and chairs, they feel a rise in their focus, mental health, and overall comfort. 

Working from home doesn’t have to be focused on proving you have what it takes to work in this new environment, but that you are willing to make the best out of it. Ergonomic items like desks and chairs put you in that mindset so that you will never forget those important reminders. 

Tech Suggestions for Work from Home Employees

The Tech You’ll Need for a Successful Work from Home Setup

With the time we lived in, technology is constantly changing and improving. For anyone, it’s hard to keep up with what is worth it or what isn’t when spending your money. It is good to not only weigh your options when buying tech for your work from home setup but also be open to new tech you may never have thought you would use. 

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Many people working remotely are finding they are having more options for tech convenience than they previously were getting in their office environment. You can create the perfect workspace that will fit your every need, one piece at a time. 

Let’s start with your desk. This is going to be the foundation of your work from homework workspace. It is going to be the thing that you build everything around.

A work from home desk has to have everything you need and sometimes the normal desk space isn’t always what works. The other thing you want to take into consideration is how comfortable it will be. 

With ergonomic desks the best options are standing desks or if you already have a desk, standing desk converters. There are great advantages to both. A standing desk gives you a fresh and new look to your work from home space.

It can either replace a desk you have that is out of date or be the first step to a new look for your home office. 

One of the biggest benefits of the standing desk is the ergonomic advantages. Having ergonomic standing desks gives you the option to easily change from a sitting position to a standing position and back. 

A lot of standing desks these days come with easy-to-use buttons to adjust the standing desk height to fit your standing/sitting height no matter how tall you are. It also works great for the whole family and sometimes comes with memory options to remember everyone’s settings for when they use the desk. Another great feature is a lot of standing desks have ports where you can easily charge your phone, headsets, or any tech devices with USB port options. 

When it comes to standing desk converters, they provide easy-to-set-up convenience if you found a desk that already checks off everything you want. Sometimes this can be a better choice for people who are on a rotating remote workspace plan with their employers. Standing desk converters are also perfect if you have very limited space and can’t make it work with a desk. Some people who are working remotely are also working in studio office spaces, which is why they are going for standing desk converters vs standing desks.

You have the desk and now you need a chair to go with it. This is where finding what suits you best can be challenging with a desk chair. Just like a desk, you are going to want to find an ergonomic option. With a standing desk, you will need to sit down from time to time. Most people don’t realize that not having the right chair can end up being harmful to you over time.

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It can affect your spine in a way that potentially could give you back problems. A standard chair doesn’t always fit a person where it needs to. A lot of ergonomic chairs these days come with so many options from comfortable cushioning, headrests, S-shaped backs to the chairs to fit you better and also will last longer than the garden variety desk. 

The average American works an 8-hour shift. Sitting even half that time can not always be enjoyable, which is why ergonomic chairs should be your go-to going forward. It will help you have the proper posture for those times you have to sit for most of your day. 

Your next item is optional. While working from home, people are finding they need a bit of entertainment while they work. Whether it is watching Netflix, catching up on your favorite podcast, or enjoying your favorite jams, wireless and Bluetooth headphones are the way to go. This is also very helpful when it comes to working from home with family members or children who you don’t could find too much noise distracting. 

Finding headphones that give you the option for noise cancellation is great for those times you want to drain any background noise away and hyper-focus on what you need to do. When working from home it is great to create your bubble to help you focus and feel comfortable. 

Another item that is highly recommended is a wireless Bluetooth mouse. While this might not be the accessory you would want, it creates a helpful and less cluttered work environment. The fewer cords you have in your workspace, the fewer chances you have to of tripping over things or causing something to fall when you are at your desk. This can also be helpful when you are using an ergonomic standing desk or standing desk converter. 

You also want to consider a wireless Bluetooth mouse if you have a limited workspace. You may be the kind of person who needs a lot of things to make their work from home situation work, so the more you can use wireless, the better. 

Something unconventional but very useful is a desk clock. Most people will use their phone as a way to keep track of time, but constantly being on your phone while you are working from home can be more of a distraction than you would be willing to admit.

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You aren’t pressured as much to not use your phone when you were at the office, so keeping up with that mentality that the less screen time on your phone while you work the better. Time tends to fly pretty fast when we check our social media. One minute can easily turn into one hour. A simple desk clock will keep you structured and grounded. 

One thing people might overlook is a heater or desk fan. Depending on where you are located, control of a comfortable temperature where you are working isn’t always an option. In the wintertime, a room can get cold fast, especially if you are working in a basement. Not to mention when summer rolls around, wherever you at it will get pretty hot fast. No one wants to work while it’s blazing hot. Find a desk heater/fan combo to save time and be able to switch easily between the two. 

Lastly, one of the best tech items you can get for your work from home is a good insulated water bottle. This is important because most of your time is going to be consistently at your work-from-home space. You are going to want to stay hydrated. Having an insulated water bottle that is at least 40 oz will keep you from feeling thirsty and have fewer trips to have to refill.

This will prevent fewer distractions while you are trying to give it 100%. This is also a great way to stay healthy while you are working. It also doesn’t hurt to have a healthy snack available, but it’s always best to avoid those secret desk junk foods. We all tend to get in a snacky mood while working and with the current pandemic, most people are stress eating more than they would like to admit. 

Making the best out of working from the home situation during all the craziness of the coronavirus can be made easier. While working from home you want to remember to keep healthy, not just physically but mentally. Your biggest takeaway from this is knowing that you can be comfortable and strive for the best with ergonomic desks and chairs, as well as create your work from home space that reflects your flare of creativity. For more information on ergonomic desks and helpful tips on desks to buy, check here for a FlexiSpot buyer’s guide. 


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