Similar to the Sonos One SL, the Arc SL is the same as the regular Arc. But it doesn’t have microphones for Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant support. It also shaves $50 off of the regular price. Bringing the Arc SL down to a regular price of $749, instead of $799. It’s still a fairly expensive soundbar though.

The Sonos Arc SL seems to be exclusive to Costco for now though. It’s not even available through Sonos’ own website yet. Which is a bit surprising, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see that change.

The only real difference with the Arc SL, is likely the color. Which is listed as shadow edition. That sounds like it’s going to be more of a gray. While the regular Arc is all black.

The Dolby Atmos-compatible Sonos Arc

Sonos announced the Arc earlier this year, as its third sound bar and second smart sound bar, following the PLAYBAR and BEAM. It was also the first product from Sonos to support Dolby Atmos. Which is going to provide a much better sounding living room system for your home. Even though Sonos speakers already sound incredible. Adding in Dolby Atmos support makes it even more impressive.

The Sonos Arc is a rather large sound bar, making it better for those that are using a larger TV, say 65-inches or larger. It does send sound up and out, as is required for Dolby Atmos certification. That also means that you’re going to be able to fill a room quite easily with the Sonos Arc.

You can also still pair the Sonos Arc with other Sonos products for a surround sound system. Including two Sonos FIVE speakers, or a couple of Sonos One/One SL speakers too. And the new Sonos Sub.

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It doesn’t appear that the Sonos Arc SL is available on Costco’s website yet, but it’s coming.



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