Samsung wants to make you more productive in this mobile world. Today April 26 the company announced the Samsung Smart Keyboard Trio 500. Thanks to the pandemic it has become more common to work and study from home. Remote work is the new norm in 2021, and Samsung wants to make that easier for you.

Whether you are moving from room to room, or decide to work from a park you may not want to carry around a laptop. As an alternative, the new Samsung Smart Keyboard Trio 500 and its lightweight design can make the task easier. Keeping you productive on the go is achieved in multiple ways.

First, the new keyboard can connect to multiple devices. So you can connect it to your smartphone or tablet to turn wherever you are into a mobile office. The Smart Keyboard Trio 500 can be paired with up to three different devices at the same time. Then with one button, you can switch between the connected devices.

The Smart Keyboard Trio 500 offers a lot of productivity features

This will allow you to jump back and forth between your connected devices so you do not have to slow down on your work. Using multiple screens allows you to have multiple tasks going at the same time, and this keyboard can keep up with your multitasking.

The second way this keyboard improves productivity is by allowing the user to launch their favorite apps with a single tap. The keyboard comes with three designated keys built-in that users can customize to launch their most-used apps.

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Users will be able to quickly launch their calendar to see when their next upcoming meeting is. Then they can easily launch Zoom or any other conferencing app to take that meeting. And then they can even launch YouTube with the third key once the meeting is over. Because video conferencing can be stressful, so relaxation will be needed.

Lastly, while connected to your Galaxy smartphone or tablet you have a dedicated key to launch DeX mode. This will turn your Galaxy’s software from a typical mobile layout into a near-desktop experience. This will undoubtedly help to keep you productive.

Thanks to its sleek lightweight design, ability to connect to multiple devices, shortcut keys, and dedicated DeX key the Samsung Smart Keyboard Trio 500 will help you fly through your work. The keys are designed to be similar in size to a normal keyboard so you do not have to worry about lack of typing space.

The keyboard will be available in early May in black or white.



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