Whether you’re playing on Xbox One or you just got a new Xbox Series X or Series S, a good controller is an absolute essential. Microsoft puts an absolutely epic one in the box, but you can still get so much more from your inputs. And thanks to Black Friday you can seriously up your game with a Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition at an unbelievable price.

Normally you’re going to pay over £100 for this controller, and even though it’s been out for a couple of years it’s still every bit as good as it ever was. Razer really got the design right, and I’ve been using one since it launched and have even gone back to it over the newer Wolverine V2.

Why? It has everything. Two customizable rear paddles, two additional triggers on the top, also customizable, rock solid trigger stops and customizable profiles for both remapped buttons and stick sensitivity. With the companion app on the Xbox or PC, you can set up individual profiles covering anything you want. If you have a different layout for Call of Duty than you do for FIFA 21, just go into the app, swap them over, off you go.

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It’s also wired, which some folks won’t like, but it has one big advantage: You never need to charge it. It’ll never die at the crucial moment in a game, you never have to pair it with different consoles or PCs and honestly, the cable is so long you can easily sit on the sofa without worry.

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It’s rare to get an opportunity to get a controller this feature packed for such a low price, but once Black Friday is gone so too will be the deal. You really don’t want to miss out on this one.

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