The Pixel 4a camera gets a full review ahead of official launch

pixel 4a camera

Google typically struggles to keep their new phones from leaking, and that’s an even understatement. We’ve reached the point where people are buying and reviewing Pixel phones before Google can even announce them.

And yes, it’s happened again. There’s a full Pixel 4a camera review already posted, which is bad news for Google but pretty good news for anyone interested in buying the phone early.

Pixel 4a camera review

So here’s the scoop from the Cuban tech blog TecnoLike Plus in collaboration with XDA Developers.

The phone is utilizing a 12.2MP Sony IMX363 sensor, which is the same single sensor found in the Pixel 3, Pixel 3a, and Pixel 4, and it holds up exceptionally well. The review seems to place the phone a bit above the Pixel 3 as far as dynamic range and show detail goes, and it produced excellent camera samples.

Low-light and nighttime photography was also really good for a phone in this price range, reportedly even taking some competitive shots next to a Galaxy S20+. That’s some seriously high praise. Facial detail is also very good, but exposure seems to be a problem for the Pixel 4a, with the phone producing images that aren’t quite as bright as some other high-end phones.

Portrait mode also seems to work very well, which is likely thanks to Google’s great software implementations in their camera software. And that’s really what this comes down to; it’s an other phone that doesn’t cost a ton, but the software elevates the camera experience far more than just raw hardware can.

XDA Developers also uploaded a Google Photos album of original quality photos taken from the phone, if you’re curious about seeing them totally uncompressed. Take a look; they’re impressive.

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