OnePlus Nord

The new OnePlus Nord is only going to be launched into the Indian and European markets, which means several other markets will be missing the new device – including China and the United States of America.

Carl Pei, the OnePlus co-founder, explained the reasoning behind this in an interview with Android Authority:

So if you look at our markets right now, like in India, we’re already doing really well and in Europe we’re growing really quickly with the channel expansion we’re doing there, so it makes sense to focus on those markets where we know for sure that this product is going to be a success.”

Image: @ishanagarwal24 (Twitter)

What is more interesting than Carl’s statement is what he did not say, that is, OnePlus are not sure the Nord smartphone would be a success in the American, Chinese, and other markets around the world. For the Chinese market, the reason could be that there are many competitor devices in the mid-range sector and it could be difficult for OnePlus to differentiate the Nord.

There is some hope if you are in the US and would like the OnePlus Nord smartphone – OnePlus is planning a “smaller beta program in the US.” He also stated that future Nord products will be coming to the United States. How large the beta program will be (there’s more than a hint of the original, frustrating invite-to-buy program), and if this means later Nord smartphones will be launched in the US remains to be seen.

Source: Android Authority

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