The Garmin Dash Cam Live Doubles as a Security Camera for Your Car

With an LTE subscription, the Dash Cam Live will let you check on your ride.

Garmin's new Dash Cam Live with LTE

Dash cams are great for proving to your insurance who’s to blame in a car accident, but the new Garmin Dash Cam Live announced at CES 2023 wants to help even when your car isn’t moving.

Garmin’s new Dash Cam Live is an LTE-enabled camera that offers live-streaming feeds, photos, and cloud storage, which basically makes it a security camera for your car. And while we’ve seen dash cams with motion detection that can record a potential break-in, being always connected to the internet means this has a lot more to offer.

It features everything you’ve come to expect from a dash cam, like 1440p recording with a wide 140-degree field of view, internal storage for saving clips, and Garmin’s “clarity HDR,” which improves video footage during the day, in sunlight, and at night.

The footage gets saved and timestamped to the internal 16GB MicroSD card or is accessible for 24 hours (or longer, depending on your subscription) on the Garmin Drive phone app. That way, you’ll have access to video from anywhere. Plus, when you park in some shady alley or are worried about thieves at night, the Garmin Dash Cam Live has you covered.

With an active LTE subscription, you’ll get an always-on recording functionality, cloud storage, and much more. The Garmin Drive phone app will let you tap in and access the camera’s live feed, take photos, or even track and check your vehicle’s location.

The always-on LTE connection can alert car owners of suspicious activity alerts, break-ins, or parking lot hit-and-runs. It’ll send a text message to your phone, along with various other alert methods. It also features hands-free voice commands, including starting and stopping video recording, taking photos, and more.

Garmin’s Dash Cam Live is available now in the United States for $399, but that’s only for the camera. For all the extra benefits, you’ll need to spend upwards of $10-$19.99 per month on its LTE plans. Those interested can grab one today from the link below.


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