The Full Version Of Runescape Is Out On Android & iOS This Week

Runescape for mobile devices is finally here, as Jagex announced this morning the release of the full version of Runescape is out now for Android and iOS devices. Runescape has been available on Android for a while but, the version players were able to download is the beta version.

Officially the release of Runescape for Android and iOS was yesterday, June 17. Jagex also announced earlier this year that Runescape would be leaving beta on mobile and entering into a complete release period. So the coming of the game wasn’t exactly a surprise for fans. Having said that, Jagex never announced when the game was specifically going to launch.

The release of Runescape on Android comes with some sweet rewards

Rewards are always a nice little bonus whenever a game gets released. And Jagex has put together a pretty sweet little care package for players on mobile. The rewards are for those that pre-registered though. So if you didn’t pre-register before the game’s official release, then chances are you won’t be getting the gifts.

For players that did pre-register, the gifts include a number of different things. Jagex explains that it hit all of its pre-registration goals. Which led to every tier reward being unlocked for players.

This includes five exclusive cosmetics. There’s a hairstyle for players, as well as a sword, a pet, a teleport device, and a piece of armor called the Crux Eqal. That last reward will be the biggest benefit to new players. Because it gives you a 50% XP boost for an entire week. And if you plan to play this game often, that should help you level up your characters rather quickly.

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As a reminder, the game will support cross-play with the PC version of the game. So even if your friends play on PC, you can all still play together. Cross-play works with the iOS version as well.

On top of all that, the game supports cross-progression. Which means you can start playing on one platform and transfer your progress to another if you ever decide to switch. Start on mobile and make the decision to play on PC? Not a problem. Transfer your progression and carry on with all of your stuff.


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