Security is a crucial requirement for any organization or facility. While organizations often focus on cybersecurity, as well they should, there also needs to be an emphasis on physical security as well. With physical security, this deals with controlling the access to the facility, and also folks moving about once within the facility, including both employees and visitors.

The types of facilities that need to deal with this type of security run the gamut from small offices at the one end, on up to the largest facilities, including skyscrapers, airports, and stadiums. In between we have schools, factories, research labs, and healthcare to name some examples. Also realize that many facilities have additional challenges as they consist of multiple buildings, such as a university on a campus with multiple, individual buildings, or even organizations that have several campuses, each with an assortment of buildings. In these types of settings, access control is not a luxury, but rather a necessity for securing such complex facilities.

As access control systems tend to have lots of components, it can be overwhelming in how to choose just the right one. When going through the process of selecting an access control system, here are the essential features to focus on to guide this important decision.

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Video integration


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