The EA App Now Links With Discord To Show Detailed Gameplay Info

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EA has partnered up with Discord to add in a new feature via the chat app’s Rich Presence API, which allows you to link your Discord account to the EA app. With this link capability, users will be able to display what EA games they’re playing on Discord.

The point of this feature is so that friends can be more aware of what EA games you’re playing in the EA app. It’ll provide more detailed information like what game you’re playing, how long you’ve been playing it etc.

Discord added the Rich Presence API so that developers can link their games and clients to Discord. Thereby enabling a host of awesome features for gamers. Such as being able to send party invites for a game right from Discord. Clicking to join then launches the game client where that game exists. Making things more seamless and easy for users to play with friends.

Link EA with Discord to see all kinds of information

If you’ve already got the EA app beta installed, setting up the connection between it and Discord is fairly easy. Once that’s done, any of your friends who are online in Discord will see more detailed game information.

This includes all of the above-mentioned info, as well as what game mode you’re playing in and when you’re up for playing a different game or mode. Worth noting is that prior to the account linking, users could still see what game you were playing and for how long.

So the new details that are part of this connection are the specific game mode you’re in. As well as if you’re up for playing something different.

If you haven’t yet connected the two accounts, the process is simple and is a one-time thing. You should also see the pop-up for linking accounts the next time you launch the EA app now that this feature is live. Go through a few steps, which includes authorizing the EA app access to certain stuff in your Discord account.

As a last little side note, the authorization details that pop up have a fun little flair to them. At the bottom of the list of things the account linking will allow EA app developers to do, you should see a random thing that it won’t do. In EA’s screenshot for example, it says “microbrew some local kombucha.” In our screenshot it says “buy you a nice seafood dinner.” These are mostly irrelevant but it’s a neat detail that adds some fun and should bring you a smile.


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