The latest Destiny 2 raid, Deep Stone Crypt, has officially become available for players who own the Beyond Light expansion. The raid is accessible through the Europa map, and players will need a fireteam of six players in order to be able to successfully complete the raid. Additionally, Bungie has stated that players will need to have a Power Level of at least 1,230. Since the Deep Stone Crypt is the birthplace of all Exos, it’s expected that the raid will reveal some interesting lore about how the Exos and their creator, Clovis Bray, are tied to the Darkness pyramid ships that have been invading Destiny 2’s universe over the course of recent seasons.

If you’ve never played a raid before and don’t know what it is, raids are long missions that are completed by finishing a series of encounters. These are typically boss fights, but can also be special puzzles as well. Unlike traditional in-game mechanics that are simple, Destiny’s raid mechanics always require a sharp eye, imaginative thinking, and clear and frequent communication to figure out and execute.

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As with every new raid, there is a World’s First Race for the Deep Stone Crypt raid. The players in the first team to complete the raid will receive an exclusive raid belt from Bungie directly to memorialize their accomplishment. Players who beat the raid before 24 hours pass will earn a special “day one” emblem. Finally, if you manage to beat the raid before December 1, you will be eligible to buy a special Deep Stone Crypt-themed raid jacket. If you’d prefer to watch instead of participate yourself, you can watch various streamers and community members compete from the Destiny 2 Twitch directory.

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Destiny 2: Beyond Light is available for $40 on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One consoles, and Windows 10 PCs.

Wield the Darkness

Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Welcome to Europa, Guardian…

In Beyond Light, players will encounter a dark Fallen faction, travel to new locations, and go beyond the Light to wield the power of the Darkness.



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