The Chromebook Update Cycle Is Changing Massively, For The Better

Chromebook users who love new features are going to love the update cycle changes Google has planned for the Chrome OS platform. That’s because, based on recent reports, the cycle is going to get a whole lot shorter sooner than later.

In fact, as of Chrome OS 96, the cycle will be as short as every four weeks. For comparison, the current upcoming jump from Chrome 92 on July 27 to Chrome OS 93 on September 7 is much longer. A total of 42 days, based on the current six-week-average schedule. Whereas every four weeks puts the updates at every 28 days.

The underlying goal, according to Google, is to evolve Chrome OS for the “next decade” to help users get things done. And, more directly, to keep the OS helpful and secure.

Enterprise and Education are getting massive changes too

As part of this fundamental shift in its approach to the Chrome browser, Google is also splitting off enterprise and education variants. Namely, by creating an entirely new channel for milestone updates.

Prior to this change, there were four channels for Chrome OS to operate on.  Those are the user-ready Stable Channel, beta Dev and Beta Channels, and the experimental and unstable Canary Channel.

With the new Channel for only the biggest milestone updates in place, the platform will be much more stable for enterprise and education users. Especially since those updates will only arrive every six months. Presumably, that’s unless security or privacy issues warrant more frequent updates.

This update cycle change for Chromebook will come later than for other platforms

Of course, Chrome OS is going to be late to the game for this change. Android, Linux, Mac, and Windows will see Chrome update cycles change as early as Chrome 94. And the Chromebook platform will even be skipping Chrome OS 95 as part of its regular update cycles. That’s so that Google can catch the platform up after years of lagging behind on version updates by two weeks or longer.

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After the update to the newest cycle, Chrome OS will remain on par with Chrome on other platforms.


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