Hey, we get it. It’s expensive buying new video game titles all the time and sometimes you rather invest your time and enjoyment in a game that doesn’t require you to spend any money at all. There are a ton of free video game titles available today both on PC and console platforms. If you’re hunting for something new to play that doesn’t require anything to start enjoying gameplay right now then check out our list below.

Here are a few video game titles that are either available right now or will be releasing this year. With that said, there are no definitive lists so these are just some of our games we would suggest checking into. Likewise, not every game is available right now, while most of them can be downloaded, there are a few slated for a release later this year or currently in Early Access. As a result, these games are not ranked in any particular order just yet as we would like to see how all of these games handle before we can really start throwing in a ranking order.

#10 Project TL

From NCSOFT, we have a new Lineage game coming out. Not a lot of information has been released regarding Project TL in fact some may have forgotten about this game altogether after it was first announced. After all, this game dates back all the way to 2011 when it was announced first as Lineage Eternal before getting delayed and ultimately rebooted to what they are calling Project TL right now.

So far, from what we have seen for this game, it’s an isometric MMO with a big open fantasy world. We’re sure there will be several classes to pick through and if the combat is anything like the trailer released, it may offer quite a bit of hack-and-slash gameplay. Currently, the title is slated to have some form of a release this year, we’re not going to hold our breath as again this game dates back to 2011, but we’re certainly eager to give this game a try.

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#9 Galaxy in Turmoil

There was at one time a fan game that would introduce a new Star Wars Battlefront title, one developed by Frontwire Studios. The game was officially called Galaxy in Turmoil and it grew quite a bit of attention from gamers. In fact, there were some pretty big hopes to see this title fully develop and after the developers reached a deal with Valve to distribute the game through Steam, things were looking good.

It seems that all good things must come to an end as Electronic Arts officially gave the fan development team an unofficial official boot. Turns out that the development team Frontwire Studios managed to get a meeting with two executives from Lucasfilm in which they told the team that after speaking with Electronic Arts, the developers had no intention of letting Galaxy in Turmoil release. However, the development team decided to keep working on the project and scrap all references to Star Wars. Currently, the title is available to enjoy right now in Early Access, however, we may not see the title fully launch for another year or two.

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