A child’s first tablet is a gateway to endless educational apps and kid friendly content (including the vast selections on YouTube Kids), but you have a choice on how much you’d like to spend. You can head straight for the iPad, or you could consider a more affordable kids tablet option, such as the Amazon Fire tablets that are made just for kids.

Tablets can be as easily loaded with apps and educational content, so it’s easy to see why kids gravitate to them. Not only can kids read books, watch movies, play an educational game and listen to music, but they can also learn the basics of using a computer and even learn how to code on a kid tablet.


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When you’re on the hunt for the best kids tablet, it’s important to consider the affordability, durability, battery life and lifespan for a kid-friendly tablet before actually purchasing it, particularly if you’re shopping for younger kids. Since children tend to be a little more clumsy and exceptionally sticky, it’s a good idea to invest in a child’s tablet with a sturdy construction or a durable kid proof case that can protect a delicate glass screen against any scratches or drops; a rubberized bumper case of some kind usually does the trick. Most kids don’t need top-of-the-line features, either.

With that in mind, it may be best to avoid pricey premium tablets like the Microsoft Surface Pro or Apple iPad Pro for young children. (It would be a particular type of heartbreak to watch an iPad Pro shatter on the ground, which they can do, even with a protective case.) Many kid-friendly tablets even give robust parental control options that let parents monitor the content children can access and the amount of screen time. Whether you’re purchasing a children’s tablet for an older child, younger kids or a little one, you’re sure to find a great tablet among our picks for the best tablet for kids.

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The Fire HD 10 Kids Edition is the kid-friendly version of the Amazon Fire HD 10 with the largest display in the lineup of Amazon tablet options. Just like its 7- and 8-inch siblings, this Fire tablet features a ton of parental control options and a rubberized bumper case to protect the device against drops. This 10-inch Amazon Fire tablet also includes a two-year “no questions asked” replacement warranty and a one-year subscription to FreeTime Unlimited, a content library that gives kids access to plenty of books, games, apps and age-appropriate videos whether you are purchasing it for a younger child or older kid. 

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The Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition is two inches smaller and $70 cheaper than the 10-inch version of the kids’ tablet, but it includes the same bundle of parental controls, rubberized bumper case to protect the device, two-year worry-free replacement warranty and a one-year subscription to FreeTime Unlimited. Compared to the Kids Edition of the Fire 7, the HD 8 Kids tablet is $30 more, but it’s packed with a higher-resolution screen, faster performance and more storage, making it a worthwhile upgrade.

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When it comes to tablets, Apple’s iPad definitely has the more recognizable name, and in-app purchases are easy on an iPad. However, handing over an iPad with endless apps to a child can be a nerve-racking experience considering that high iPad price tag. Compared to Amazon’s Kids Edition tablets, an iPad offers the versatility to adapt to a growing kid’s changing needs in a tablet. The 2018 entry-level iPad offers all the benefits and smooth performance of an iPad at a more affordable price.

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