The Best And Worst Cities For Public Transit In America, Ranked – Digg

Clever Real Estate studied 30 American metros to determine which had the best public transit options for residents and visitors.

They gathered information from the Census, the National Transit Database, the Federal Transit Administration and other databases in order to rank cities based on trip costs, ride times and agency earnings (in tax allocation).

Their calculations found that overall, travelers spend an average of $800 on transit passes, and driving to work costs commuters close to $2,152.80. Here’s what their public transit data analysis shows.

Key Takeaways

  • Boston (MA), Seattle (WA) and Washington (DC) were determined to have the top three public transit systems in America, whereas the public transit systems in Las Vegas (NV), San Diego (CA) and San Antonio (TX) were judged to be the worst.

  • New York (NY) has the highest share of public transit users, with roughly one-third of commuters taking advantage, followed by San Francisco (CA), Washington (DC), Boston (MA) and Chicago (IL).

  • Kansas City (MO) has the least share of public transit users, at less than one percent of all commuters, followed by Tampa (FL), Detroit (MI), Riverside (CA) and Dallas (TX).

Via Clever Real Estate.

[Photo by Eddi Aguirre on Unsplash]


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