Better late than never, Google is now deploying a dark mode for its mobile applications. The move comes at a time when many operating systems and applications are offering users the opportunity to switch to dark mode, which is not only good for the eyes but also for electronic devices.

Google will roll out the new dark mode on its applications for both Android and iOS this week. It should be noted that the feature has already been tested for several months, before being made available to everyone. And it is being deployed in response to growing demand. More and more smartphone owners are using dark mode in other applications and via their devices operating systems.

The main advantage of dark mode, which only concerns the brightness of phone displays and does not affect content accessed by applications, is that it is less tiring on the eyes, especially for users who spend several hours a day on their smartphones.

Dark mode also reduces the amount of blue light, which can have a negative effect on sleep, emitted by screens. This makes it all the more important to take advantage of the feature in the evening, and just before going to bed. As for the rest of the time, the general rule, this type of display reduces ocular fatigue and should be preferred by anyone who has bad eyesight.

On a final point, dark mode also reduces the amount of power used by displays when compared to bright mode in which white is the dominant color. This can result in a significant gain in battery life, especially on smartphones that tend to discharge quite quickly. This last observation also applies to tablets and laptops.

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