When it comes to horror, H.P. Lovecraft could be called the father of cosmic horrors worldwide and the maker of the stuff of nightmares and madness. His stories are still told, spin-offs are still made, and people are still terrified by what is in the darkness. Games have been a great way for these stories to be brought to life, and what better time for players to seek them out then around Halloween when spooky is the name of the game?

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Many of these games are older and still just as terrifying as the newer ones on this list; however, they’re all great additions to the Lovecraftian world. Players will find that not only that they are needing to leave the lights on while playing, but make sure that nothing lurks in the darkness after they’re done and have stopped playing for a while.

10 Call Of Cthulhu

call of cthulhu edward gates

Call of Cthulhu is a semi-open world game that is all about the player being immersed in a role-playing scenario while surviving a Lovecraftian world’s horrors and was one of the most sought after and looked forward to games of 2018. This psychological horror, based on Lovecraft’s most famous short story, is a story that requires the player to be crafty in both stealth and investigative abilities while following the character of Edward Pierce.

Edward is lead into a world of horror unimaginable to the human mind while investigating a case. The game is based on the player’s choices throughout the story with dialogue, exploration, and events that will shape Edward’s sanity in the end game and the choices the player can choose from.

9 Bloodborne

Fable Bloodborne Backgrounds

Bloodborne is dubbed a ‘souls-like’ game and is in the same ranks as Dark Souls and Remnant: From The Ashes when it comes to gameplay. A lot of the lore is on par with Dark Souls in its complexity, and it has been cited as one of the greatest games of all time by critics.

There has been a card game and a comic book series based on the game, and there has been a DLC, The Old Hunterswhich was released in 2015. It struggles to differentiate itself from the ‘souls-like’ tag, but, for most purposes, it’s a unique game that players will enjoy.

8 Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Amnesia the Dark Descent

In another game based on preserving the sanity of the main character, players step into the shoes of Daniel, a man who is investigating Brennenburg Castle. The entire time not only is Daniel’s health to be monitored, but his sanity needs to be kept in check and is centered around the mechanic of being afraid of the darkness in which the designers meant to have the darkness become an enemy in and of itself.

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Throughout the game, Daniel will have chances to avoid monsters, as he has no way of protecting himself, and opportunities to recover with laudanum. Despite being released in 2010, this is still a unique psychological masterpiece that continues to haunt player’s nightmares. The sequel, Amnesia: A Machine For Pigsis coming out as an exclusive offer on Epic’s Game Store for free in the coming week.

7 The Sinking City

Released in 2019 and based in the fictional city of Oakmont, Massachusetts in the 1920s, the story follows Charles W. Reed, a private investigator who fights to find out why he’s having terrifying visions haunt him. While doing so, he becomes tangled in the mystery of Oakmont’s problems and the flood that plagues the town.

The flood brings mass hysteria and madness to citizens, and the town is on the verge of collapse when he arrives by invitation. His investigations lead to the finding of several of Cthulhu’s minions’ plots against the town, with the ultimate goal of bringing Cthulhu back to the world, and it’s his task to stop them. Earlier this year, in 2020, Nacon and Frogwares studio disagreed on contracts that temporarily removed the game from shelves until things were resolved. However, players could still get the game through other platforms.

6 Gray Dawn

A psychological thriller released in 2018 that continues to terrify and delight players, this title revolves around a priest, Father Abraham, who is trying to find a missing altar boy and finds himself in the midst of twisted religious practices.

This is a survival horror from the first-person perspective. As players follow Father Abraham while trying to prove his innocence that he wasn’t involved in the altar boy’s disappearance or the murder of several children, they are taken along to investigate, solve puzzles, and progress through the story with impactful dialogue choices.

5 The Secret World

This is an MMORPG based on horror and psychological warfare in the modern world, with Templars, the Illuminati, and an organization known as the Dragon. Each of these groups has its own agenda and helps to push players through the storyline that’s full of quests, puzzles, amazing horror, and role-play while customizing how they play the game with its skill system.

Each player is a supernatural hero working towards a better world while facing the war between good and evil, carrying out quests that will shape the world and their personal story as they progress through the game.

4 Blackout: The Darkest Night

Comic page of the kindle edition of the game

Currently still in production for release as a video game and slated for release in 2020, Blackout: The Darkest Night is, at the moment, in Kindle form. This is a non-linear fiction game set in a modern world, and players find themselves following a man who has lost himself in the city streets, not remembering anything.

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Flashbacks start to reveal lost memories about the terrible events that occurred and what was seen, and choices are to be made on whether to dig deeper into the mystery or completely ignore it. This is a choice based game where all choices will affect the outcome of the ending.

3 Sundered: Eldritch Edition

Toad boss

In this Metroidvania game, the player follows Eshe as she navigates a horror-filled world where she is thrust into situations that test her humanity. She acquires the Trapezohedron, a being that grants her the power to defend herself, and technology along the way to help her as she finds Elder Shards and destroys them.

Each time they are destroyed, she has the choice to let them make her more powerful or save her humanity. In the end, there are two choices, remain human and stay trapped forever, or become corrupted and release eldritch darkness upon the world.

2 Eldritch

Player with gun facing off against two mobs

One can’t mention this Lovecraftian spin-off without also mentioning it’s expansion Eldritch: Mountains of Madness. In this immersive retro-aesthetic rogue-like about going into the depths of Antarctica in a 10-story dungeon that takes players through adventures in uncovering eldritch horrors and trying to live to tell the tale.

Eldritch was one of the more popular games of its genre and its time, and it’s no wonder with keeping players on their toes with the possibility of permadeath.

1 Stygian: Reign Of The Old Ones

Game play screen shot

A supernatural event known as Black Day has come to the city of Arkham, Massachusetts, in which Arkham has suddenly become cut off from the rest of the world and chaos now rules. A cult worshipping the old ones, the mob, and other entities vie for power while ‘recruiting’ new members into their fold.

Players follow the story through several characters’ choices in this RPG, thrown into a detailed world rife with eldritch horror. Each decision shapes the game and the character as they progress through a dynamic world full of atmosphere.

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