This pilot fish and his team have a customer with a nasty temper, so it isn’t too surprising when fish gets a call from the guy, yelling that his computer is running funny and accusing fish’s team of being the cause. That would be because about two weeks earlier, they had reinstalled Windows for him and basically made everything like new again.

Fish tries to calm the client down, and he does get him to agree to provide his ID and password so fish can log in remotely and take a look at what is going on. Fish looks around and finds several things like bogus antivirus apps that have been installed and are undoubtedly slowing the computer down.

Fish uninstalls those and then asks the client to run through some basic operations to ensure that everything is OK and he’s satisfied. The client says it all looks good, but just hopes it stays that way.

After the call ends amicably, fish realizes that he still has a remote view of the client’s PC because the client hasn’t closed out of the remote-viewing program. And then he’s alarmed that before he can do anything, his monitor starts to fill up with pornographic videos. The guy is visiting all manner of sites that fish is pretty sure are going to give that PC another performance hit. Fish decides he had better prepare for the inevitable call from this client — so he records enough of the porn as evidence, should it be needed.

The call comes about three days later, and the client is yelling again, this time saying that he wants to sue fish and colleagues for such “shoddy work.” Fish lets the client vent for a bit, then asks him what he had been doing on the computer before his new troubles started. Nothing, says client. Well, follows up fish, what kind of websites had you been going to?

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“Just the website for my church.”

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