A simple product that solves a minor problem for those with Google Nest mini has arrived and it is a great idea to break the restricted length of your cable length with placing it in your home this allows your to place your Google Nest anywhere in the house and it also looks really neat and will blend in anywhere in the home and again a simple product that is easy to use and just works and no tech know how to get going either it is a simple plug and go job and you are sorted.

This also has a really good build quality too and will last you simple charge the device for a few hours then you can place our next mini into it and then place your nest anywhere in the house so this means you are free from the cable length restriction at home or in the office / bedroom.

On the front there is some LED lamps to tell you how much battery life you have left which handy overall it is a clean well thought design and looks great anywhere and hides the cable, you can bring it anywhere if you like too it comes with a 10.000 mAh battery and will keep you cable free no matter where it is placed, this only works with the 2ND gen nest so keep this in mind. This does not effect how the nest mini will work at all. Check out the review below..


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