Vloggers can up their audio game with the binaural Mu6 LifeLike 2 3D recording headset

If you have bought yourself a new iPhone 12 recently, then the Mu6 LifeLike 2 3D recording headset is an accessory you might consider if you record a lot of video content.

These Mu6 headsets look just like a standard set of in-ear headphones.

However, they give you the ability to record 360-degree audio at a surprisingly high standard.

They are able to do this because each earpiece contains two omnidirectional microphones.

Mu6 LifeLike 2 3D recording headset

Recordings are accurate and true to your surroundings.

Sound quality

The sound quality is sharp and elements are clear and defined. Dynamic range is decent.

LifeLike 2 effectively mimic your ears to capture sonic orientation, distance and motion.

You can share your audio files easily.

I’m sure the 3D audio feature would appeal to artists who make a lot of field recordings and vloggers looking to give their content an extra dimension.

The surround sound buds’ packaging targets VR creators. They would doubtless appeal to ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) enthusiasts and anyone who records the sounds of wildlife.


Mu6 also work as a standard set of earphones with a sufficient degree of active noise cancellation (ANC). I was pleased with the results listening to a wide variety of music styles along with talk radio.

In the box are a selection of different sized ear tips. I found the standard size which were already installed fit me best.

The Mu6 LifeLike 2 3D recording headsets are comfortable to wear for long periods. They come attached to a neck band cable that ensures you don’t lose them.

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Mu6 LifeLike 2 3D recording headset

You can access the various functions easily using a control panel attached to the neck cable.

They come with a handy carrying pouch and an adaptor for connecting the USB-C output to an Apple Lightning port.

I was able to record audio using both iOS and recent flagship Android smartphones, but bizarrely I could not make or take calls using the headset with an iPhone.

Mu6 LifeLike 2 3D recording headset

It’s also worth mentioning that the Mu6 Lifelike 2 3D recording headsets so not support livestreaming.

You can check which models of smartphone support the earphones here.

They did not work for me with some OPPO and OnePlus devices.

How much does Mu6 Lifelike 2 3D recording headset cost?

Mu6 3D recording headset costs $129 from Mu6.



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