Pop open this goliath gaming laptop to be greeted with a pleasant surprise. Beneath the gleaming 15.6” display, sitting atop the keyboard, is a 1080p touchscreen. A second screen is an innovative idea for a laptop and opens up a world of multitasking.
While you are assassinating people from rooftops in Hitman, or parachuting over skyscrapers in GTA 5, you can mirror a portion of your main screen – mini-maps or tactical information, for example – on the mini-display. Browse Spotify or social media feeds, YouTube videos or emails, while conducting business on the main screen.

The 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD storage, and RTX 2080 graphics card, create a dazzling display on the main screen. In Performance Mode, the graphics are even better, although it heats up the laptop like a sausage in Sardinia and sends the fan into overdrive.
The LED lighting and angular design makes this Omen bode well for gamers.



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