Acer’s improvising its products and services a lot of late. Evidently, it is one of the most innovative gadget makers in the market, which tries to offer more value for the consumer’s money while continuing to raise the bar when it comes to specifications and performance. If you are curious, take any Nitro or Swift notebooks from Acer, the results will not be disappointing at all. The Acer Swift 3 sticks to the norm and tries to mix good design with great performance, while staying true to the Acer philosophy of (if there is one, that is) affordability and efficiency.


The Acer Swift 3 looks a bit fat even though Acer’s promotional material calls the device an ultra thin laptop. That said, this is a not a heavy notebook. It feels extremely light while carrying around thanks to the aluminium body and the innovative design. The device is powered by an Intel Core i5 processor (i5-8250U, quad-core) with a clock speed of 1.60 GHz. Considering the price this is not so great a processor; laptops in this price range started sporting the Intel i5 some years ago. That said, this processor does a great job when it comes to powering up the Swift 3 for heavy-duty missions as well as mundane computing chores.

Graphics card

On the graphics department, the device is aided by Intel’s own Graphics Controller Model (UHD Graphics 620) and an 8GB DDR4 SDRAM (synchronous dynamic random access memory, which basically means it syncs with the processor’s clock speed to enhance performance). The Swift 3 has a 512 GB solid state drive (SSD). At this price range, that’s a big plus, and thanks to the SSD performance has got a filip, from booting to gaming, long-hour surfing and big-ticketing editing.

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The device has a display screen size of 35.6 cm (14″). The LCD screen is backed by the now-famous In-plane Switching (IPS) technology. The Acer Sfit 3 offers Full HD display with LED backlight technology. Clearly, display is the best part of this machine. If you are a display freak and can’t spend more than ₹70K on a laptop, this can easily be your pick. The screen renders images and video so truthfully that it will impress even the most puritan display buff around. The display supports up to 8K on YouTube, which is quite incredible for this price range. Usually super premiums laptops have this feature.


The audio is crisp if not loud and is good enough for a small room, if not for the living room or a hall. As we said earlier, these days manufacturers do not seem to be focussing on enhancing the audio department of notebooks effectively for reasons alien to most users; one hunch is they expect us to connect the devices to quality earphones or home audio devices. Still, the Swift’s audio is not an unfinished business. It is indeed impressive in calm environs. The microphone records crisp voice notes and the front-cameras, though not great for the price, is optimised for Skype calls and does a decent job. Still, front-cameras can be improved in all the Swift series laptops. Most budget/premium laptops now have inferior cameras (again, device makers do not expect you to use them to click quality pics).

Other specs

The Acer Swift 3 has the fingerprint reader right under the keyboard and right next to the touch pad. This is conveniently placed and easy to locate and operate. Another interesting feature is the charger: it is nice and small and the charging pin, pointed and not flat, is efficient and the form factor saves it from rough use and slotting mishaps.

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The device has an HDMI slot and there is one for SD cards, thanks to the innovative thick-but-not-thick design. There is one USB 2.0 ports and 2 USB 3.0 ports. There is one USB 3.1 g1 port as well.

The touchpad and keypad look and feel cool and comfortable. The touchpad responds nicely while the backlit keypad is well spaced out. Acer claims a better life of up to 12 hours for the Swift 3. The device we reviewed stayed active for over 8 hours in normal use and the standby time is really impressive, making it an energy efficient laptop.

The Acer Swift 3 is a value-for-money notebook that packs great display and seamless performance.

  • Price: ₹ 67,999
  • Pros: Superb display, premium features, good multi-tasking capabilities, strong body, affordable
  • Cons: Body can be slippery, poor front camera, looks fat from some angles