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By Layton Norris
STEVENS POINT – Tech Lounge in Stevens Point permanently closed on Nov. 24. The owners plan to initiate a liquidation process in the first week of December and conclude the process on Dec. 23.

Within the last decade, cyber cafés; a place where people can indulge in gaming and caffeinated beverages at the same time have become increasingly sought after. One cyber café that has become a local commodity for many gamers in Stevens Point is Tech Lounge. However, the owners of Tech Lounge recently decided to permanently close their doors.

Owner of Tech Lounge, Chad Fisher, informed that “Tech Lounge will permanently close on Nov. 24.”

Tech Lounge plans for the 24th to be “the final day of drinks and gaming.” Upon closing the business, Fisher plans to begin a full liquidation in the first week of December.

Tech Lounge came to Stevens Point in 2008 as a “video game center and coffeehouse,” Fisher wrote.

Fisher and his wife Nena initially decided to start Tech Lounge because “Nena thought social gaming lubricated with caffeinated beverages had a genuine business potential.”

Fisher expressed that once “the seed was planted, we weren’t turning back at that point. After a “year of research, a fresh business loan, and a handful of city permit applications, we were open for business and and had our fingers crossed that the community would accept our little shop.”

Tech Lounge continued to be a prosperous business, “offering social next-gen gaming and a large assortment of beverage options.” Fisher revealed that “we’ve always been lucky enough, that except for 2020’s ‘dumpster fire,’ we have always had business growth. In turn we allocated nearly all profits toward upgrading equipment and constantly expanding our offerings.”

However, despite their success, and although “the decision to close was not easy” Fisher and his wife ultimately decided to close Tech Lounge because they have “wanted more time with family and friends for the past few years, and when you’re working 14 and 16 hour days, six days a week, you begin to realize the value of time away from business obligations.”

Upon closing, in the first week of December, “we are looking to begin liquidation sales…which will include a week-long silent auction on some high-demand items, and will ultimately conclude on Dec. 23”

Additionally, in regard to the building in downtown Stevens Point that Tech Lounge occupies; “a lease agreement has been signed with another business to take over the space on Jan. 1 2022.”

Fisher and his family wanted to thank everyone in the Stevens Point and surrounding area, as well as it’s amazing gaming community for their support over the past 13 years.

“You’ve helped put a roof over our silly family’s collective head, and we’re eternally grateful,” he said. “As a whole, it’s been a wonderful ride, and we hope a similar business opens in the area to satisfy the growing desire for social gaming.”


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