Taylor Swift announced the existence of his eighth album 17 hours before its release: “Most of the things I planned for this summer are not over,” he said, including a spot for the headline in Glasgowbury. “But there is something I didn’t use with this DID.”

Last Album

Swift only released her last album, Lover, last August. She surprised to have emerged from lockdown with Folklore – a 16-track album largely produced (remotely) by the National’s Aaron Dessner – her fans were even more stunned by the fact that Swift would release a record with zero fanfare.

There are sometimes baffling brand endorsements. The often unpopular lead single seldom sounds like the rest of the album.

Taylor Swift
Source: BBC


Vocal Directness Of Taylor Swift

There is not a pop star in your brain that takes a chorus or as an eyelid in your intelligence, if that is the limit. The demand for pop treatment means that his voice was never heard because it was there: this color in 1, an acceptance that reminds him of a lost lover in his crazy twenties; With what calm, but penance, remember the good parts. Something complicated in a cardigan, a careful song that shines like a rocky pond in a cave.

Taylor Swift
Source: BBC


Lyrical Obsession

longest lyrical obsession is the loss of innocence, a theme she makes fairly devastating here. Set to high piano flurries, Seven switches between hopscotch-rhyme verses about childhood rituals, and pleading, choral depictions of herself at seven, “in the weeds, before I learned civility,” she sings.

She later recalls the young and naive love “when we change for the better” and then voluntarily entered into a fraudulent relationship with someone on illegal matters who “showed me colors that you know I don’t see anyone else.” A fruitful moment for such self-observation, the lack of fear, and indifferent remorse on the road to a new memory formation.

Source: BBC


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