One of the country’s taxi booking apps is introducing a new service for pick-ups and drop-offs to customers in an effort to maintain social distancing to help people avoid coronavirus.

Lynk plans to offer the service from Monday, using the company’s nationwide fleet of 2,000 taxi drivers, to retailers and other companies that provide a click-and-collect service. The company’s software will allow it to tie up with any company that offers an online delivery service.

The service can be fully contactless so that drivers can pick up groceries and other goods from shops and bring the goods to customers without person-to-person contacts.

“What it means is that the consumer at home doesn’t need to go to the store and there is no particular contact. Everything will be done on credit card,” said Noel Ebbs, chief executive of Lynk.

“The delivery guy will ring the doorbell, step back and the customer collects the groceries from their doorstep. There is no person-to-person contact and the two-metre distance will be maintained at all times.”



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