Chennai: A gang waylaid and robbed a truck in Tamil Nadu’s Krishnagiri which was carrying mobile phones worth Rs 15 crore. Also Read – Daring Truck Thief Steals Same Vehicle From Police Station in Nagpur

The container truck was travelling from Mumbai to Chennai.

Reportedly, the truck was carrying a consignment of more than 1,400 Xiomi mobile phones.

The truck was intercepted in the wee hours from a highway near Melumalai.

The gang emptied the goods and abandoned the truck on a highway.

Police started an investigation and collected fingerprint evidence from the abandoned vehicle.

This is said to be the first such incident in Tamil Nadu. Recently, a similar highway robbery took place in Nagari, Andhra Pradesh.

The vehicle was waylaid and then driven away, just like in this robbery. Phones were emptied from that truck as well and it was abandoned later.

After investigating for over a month, police had nabbed a group in Madhya Pradesh for the robbery and recovered a large part of the stolen phones.


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