Taiwanese handset brand Asus bullish on India's growing mobile gaming marketNEW DELHI: Taiwanese handset maker Asus is expecting to double its gaming phone sales in India, which it said has emerged as the most important market for gaming phones with almost 350 million mobile gamers.

“We have established ourselves in the segment…it’s been a focused strategy and paying dividends to Asus. For the RoG brand, we saw a high double digit growth rate and this year we are targeted almost double. India is already among the top three countries globally for the ROG brand in terms of sales,” Shawn Chang who is director, sales and marketing for smartphone business unit at Asus Global told ET.

Chang said that India is the most important market for gaming phones because of the rate at which mobile gaming is increasing. “The gaming phone market is not niche anymore. We can see how big the community is.”

The company is targeting hardcore gaming users. “Even in India, let’s say the mobile gaming users is around 350 million, so we believe the hardcore gamers are actually [a large part] of this 350 million, even on the global scale it’s similar.”

As per Statista, the mobile gamers base will reach 70 million users by the year 2022, marking a considerable increase in the number of users. It said that Indians preferred to use mobile games over computer or console games.

Globally, the company has two series – ROG and ZenFone. However, the executive didn’t share the company’s plans to launch new phones under the ZenFone series in India. “… globally, we have the ZenFone 7 series. The company is focusing on both.”

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In 2018, the company changed its strategy and decided to make lesser phones. “Our chairman decided to change direction. Instead of making too many phones, we should focus on delivering true value to consumers. We want to make a Ferrari car.”

Asked if the company will bring gaming smartphones in the mid-range, Chang said while there is a strong demand, launching a “mid-range” gaming phone will be a big strategic call for the management.

“…we are always putting our eyes on the market situation. We do have huge requests from gamers. internally we are always thinking but we are being careful. We will expand very carefully,” he added.



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