If you saw “The Social Dilemma” on Netflix, or if you’re just a human being in this century, you know phone addiction is real.

Like, if you do turn it off, what could happen? “Save Yourselves” throws out one possibility, and it’s even worse than missing out on your favorite cat memes.

OK, let’s just admit it. Most of us use our phones. Way. Too. Much.

But what if you did turn it off, like for real, and even more bravely, went off the map for a whole week?

Jack: “I want to do something tangible.”

Su: “I want to figure out who I am.”

Jack: “But we will be back June 9.”

That’s what “Glow”‘s Sunita Mani and “Search Party”‘s John Reynolds try to do in the new quirky comedy “Save Yourselves!” But they definitely weren’t expecting this while visiting a friend’s cabin in upstate New York: An end-of-the-world alien invasion!

Jack: “What is that? Has this been here the whole time?”

Su: “The poof? I don’t know. Probably. Oh, my God!”

Alex Miranda: “What I loved the most about this movie is that I didn’t pick my phone up once, and this entire film is a commentary.”

John Reynolds: “Ahhh!”

Alex Miranda: “I know! That’s the ultimate compliment for a film, right?”

John Reynolds: “For me, personally, playing Jack, I’m surrounded by characters like this. I see a lot of him in myself.”

Sunita Mani: “I try not to have my phone out at all, like during the movie. It is an escape for me. I can’t say I always do that, but it is something I’m aware of.”

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Admirable, but that strength may not help Sunita in this apocalyptic world.

Alex Miranda: “Between the two of you. Aliens invade the planet tomorrow. Realistically, who survives?”

Sunita Mani: “I’m really competitive. It’s kind of ugly, but I don’t know if I would win. He’s tall!”

John: “I’m going to say Sunita. Tall is not going to help. I hit my head a lot.”

And because it’s 2020 and an extraterrestrial storyline is not entirely unbelievable, I ran with the hypothetical.

Alex Reynolds: “The world is going to end tomorrow. Last meal– shoot!”

Sunita Mani: “Ugh, jalapeno kettle chips!!!”

John: “Homemade tostadas, and I would top it off with a brownie sundae with caramel and nuts, and I would just load that bad boy up.”

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